Thinking to Myself-Madeintyo Lyrics

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“Thinking to Myself”

By and by, all my dreams will soon disappear

I know not when, I know not why

Maybe I should slow down

The same ones that hated, see my shit turned around

They told me that my shit was watered down

A couple plaques years later, man, look at me now

I had to outsmart these niggas

I got my own squad, man

I’m not a part of niggas

Prada on my sweat. Yeah

Be proud of me

New crib, new car, new salary

Told my mama, no matter what, we still family

I’m working hard. No one understands me

Shit real when you start a new family

I need that Louis V fuck it man, I’m calling in

Same ones, I seen Jaden moon walking in

Moving out the house, looking at apartments

I had dreams about spitin this shit

I guess it’s time to let you in. I guess it’s time to let you in.

I guess I never learned…

It’ll never really work

If you ain’t got trust

How you stressed out girl, and you got us

You got bread, you got crust

Never bum down bi’. I’m piped up

I’m a rapper. They recite us

Forever in debt. I love my fans

When I come to your city, man, I’m checking in

And if I’m in Texas, then I’m rolling with phin

Stay close to your heart. Dee & Ricky close pin

I just wanna take a flight to Japan and never come back

Quit all this rap. I guess they want that old thing back

Cuz I’m that new flow with that old flow

Cash by the boat load

Got your girl twerking with my logo

Yeah man, It’s a no no

I guess I never learned…

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Track Information

Song titleThinking to Myself
Release DateDec 9, 2022


Record LabelMadeintyo

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