We Here-Black Soprano Family Lyrics

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“We Here”

[Intro: Rick Hyde]

(Yeah, uh-huh)


[Verse 1: Rick Hyde]

Fuck them other niggas, shit, my biggest opp was patience

Another six figures on a table, I can taste it (That money)

Your heart be on your sleeve, bitch, this Rollie like a bracelet

Everythin’ residual, I’m out here gettin’ placements

Unc’ was in the kitchen with the pots and the Mason (Whip, whip, whip)

My fate was slowly comin’ out the water, like it’s Jason

We don’t need role models, we need innovation

I’m tellin’ you, I feel it in the air, ventilation

Black Soprano Family, the new administration (Biggеst BSF)

My maneuverin’ is gracious, you must knew a nigga facе it

I took two to miss some greats, you just do enough to make it

I wrap you in a circle, like you hoggin’ up the blanket (Haha)

I never seen a bitch I couldn’t fuck or a spaceship

I never seen this kind of money workin’ on a dayshift (That’s facts)

Two-hundred-somethin’-thousand out the mud what I wasted (That’s facts)

My dream was right in front of me, I got up and I chased it

Bitch, it’s Ricky, yo

[Verse 2: ElCamino & Heem B$F]

Ayo, hustle for a cause (Facts), so I’m ignorin’ cost

Dirty text, all bitches waitin’ on me to respond

Underground king, but I got hits, like Chaka Khan (Khan)

And a hundred hoes tryna introduce me to they mom (Mama love)

I’m the boss type, I ain’t never fell in line

I ain’t nothin’ like these fake Gs when they smell a line (Sniff)

I don’t mix every niggas stories when I’m tellin’ mine

But I might got a lick for yours, when I’m sellin’ mine

Uh, don’t fuck with the split, then never mind

A nigga once told me the same and he fell behind (Fell behind)

I came in this world way beyond my time

And then put in more work in than all these niggas combined

Uh, add it up, they don’t even do the math (Nigga, do the math)

By the time they catch up, I’ll be on to another bag (Another one)

In the back of the Benz and I’m lettin’ burden blast

Pourin’ [?], if it’s stretched, fill it up my glass (If it’s stretched)

I might not come in first, but it won’t be last (It won’t)

If all else fails, I’m gon’ need another mask (Gon’ need it, nigga)

But, I ain’t one of them niggas that’s always been want cash

That’s why y’all be stayin’ out the way in this bucket of crabs

Trackhawk off the lot, ’cause I fucked up the Jack (Skrrt, they know)

Speed limit thirty, but I still do a buck and a half

[Verse 3: Heem B$F & Benny the Butcher]

I done went from rags to riches and finer things (Finer things, nigga)

Sold dope for leathered coats and a diamond ring (That’s that shit)

I ain’t the captain of the yacht, but I’m on the team (Wow)

I’m hip-hop, like Big Pop’, it was all a dream (Haha)

I’m representin’ for the low, and niggas call me Heem

Every verse like good coke, all the balls be clean

Niggas cryin’ out, broke, tryna ’cause a scene

I was posted in the ghetto, servin’ all the fiends (They know, haha)

See me out a hundred deep, I’m with all the Gs (I’m with the Gs, nigga)

Labels send another check, spend it all on peace (Haha)

It’s the mob, nigga, few shooters and hard dealers

I spent nights thinkin’ ’bout life with scarred killers

We all villains (Uh), no fillers, I’m Mike, Thriller

I’m tryna moonwalk on money and white tennis

My life menace, black Glocks and white Lennon

I come from bad blocks, where murder was good business

This for the trenches (Uh), help my niggas and pretty bitches

And gangstas worldwide (Haha), ridin’ round with them switches (The Butcher comin’, nigga)

[Verse 4: Benny the Butcher]

I had to block them hoes when I had that bread to get

Then made her eat her friend pussy, you had to beg the bitch

They wanna know how I became a millionaire so quick (How?)

Project baby, raised off milk and eggs from wick (Uh)

Before you ever heard of Butch, I was low-key rockin’ (Nigga)

Whole key coppin’, straight drop, ain’t no re-rockin’ (No re-rockin’)

Before them out of town shows, I was OT coppin’ (OT)

Had packs jumpin’ out New York, like they Obi Toppin (Like they Obi Toppin)

Three foreigns in a year, I’m gettin’ fat off this dough (I’m gettin’ fat)

And lappin’ niggas, so I’m still burnin’ calories though (Burnin’ calories though)

She fuckin’ bro, but I won’t never get mad at the bro

She fuck the team, she probably get in a reality show (Uh)

They call me Benzy the Butcher when I’m veerin’ in this whip

And I be starin’ at your bitch, like I’m starin’ at a brick (Uh)

Hood nigga, so it’s really not a way to me, I’m rich

I might be wearin’ all this shit at a charity event (Damn)

I hear all these hoes sayin’ they fuck-nigga free

But what they really mean is they fuck niggas free (How?)

When I made a quarter-million bucks in a week (Huh)

And my bitch pushed that new Beamer truck through the streets (Skrrt, skrrt)

Uh, rumors in the city, I ain’t put nobody on (Huh?)

Lovey just finished his deal, Heem on shit with me and Dram’

Ricky on Breakfast Club, pissin’ everybody off (Haha)

I’m chillin’, gettin’ fifty-somethin’ tonight on the tour (Woo)

So if it was really on, I would’ve spint back already

Got your mint clapped already, I had y’all gift-wrapped already (I had y’all niggas gift-wrapped)

I’m into gettin’ money though, I been at this cheddy

‘Cause BSF really stand for Been Stackin’ Fetti, it’s the Butch, nigga

Track Information

Song titleWe Here
ArtistBlack Soprano Family
Release DateDecember 9, 2022


WritersBenny the Butcher, ElCamino, Rick Hyde & Heem B$F
Record LabelThe Kolonel

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