Hoe Friends-Bfb Da Packman Lyrics

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“Hoe Friends”

The lunch crew company,

I’m part of us.

The lunchroom,

is he single the

floating in it over poke it out,

maybe those girls


wild The Scouting and you let outside with

your girls gone wild after scouting.

Internet money.



we back for seconds,

put granny in a nursing home.

She was a cage.


maybe her chair,

she a pastor,

I smack arrest overeating his ass and take me to Hell on lasa


beachhead 2015 with cabbage said,

no guns in a club.

I snuck in with the Patrick Beverley solitary confinement.

Six years,


stabbed to sell.

I wake up everyday matters.


Is my daddy left lane a woman,

my bitch,

no slow music.

We slapping.

Nail my dog,

crushed me,

and he died about it.

I feel like melon granny told me never eat a desperate.

Hope I spaghetti love cougars.

I want to stick Rock,

cock inside.

We’re talking about a generation needs to shut his kid

with a spin.


Omega from Northland.

I gotta unreleased will Eminem didn’t brush your teeth before she suck.


don’t spit that shit.

Think I’m single now.

Got caught cheating on my bitch.

Ain’t I’m from a blow but give money with the Crips daily.

Got a man falls was sucking dick for a quick,

a thief.

Wait wait,

wait listen.

I got realize I,

let me take this rubber off,

I can feel nothing.

I don’t know who killed him,

I can heal niggas hip Hills with French recipes with Well,

peel nah for recipes Mac Miller

work out all day.

Just to come like what a fat nigger could have made it far without you.

I’m not Marvin Sapp me my bitches transgender because she always guess

activity because

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Track Information

Song titleHoe Friends
ArtistBfb Da Packman
Release DateDec 9, 2022


WritersBfb Da Packman
Record LabelBfb Da Packman

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