Respect Mines-AZ Lyrics

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“Respect Mines”


Hahaha, this a billion-dollar business, baby

Let’s get to it

[Verse 1]

Legacy rap, this the era we back, it’s facts

Flooded flower set, rollie seventy racks

Drop-top ‘vette vath ebony black, the sos’

Certified with celebrity stacks

My pedigree acts, still affili’, allegedly that

Still willy, shit could never be wack, I’m worldwide with it

In the wings outside with it

Still a king, even off my dean is how I did it

Street thots at school, I keep rockin it

That dude thats beatboxin is no fool, I need options

From G-shockin’, back in the P’s poppin

Boppin’ in V’s, hop in the ride, E knockin’

Hear the party, Offset the Cardi

Only flooded the bezel, hopping out the ‘Rari

Life foot on the pedal, smellin like bogarli

I’m God to these devils, be damned if I let ’em starve me


Mmh-mmh, nah

Keep goin’

[Verse 2]

I’m ‘preme from fort green, Jazz from outta queens

Don’t spaz or make a scene, never brag, it ain’t my thing

Used to sling, getting cash at seventeen

Carats in every ring, no habits, I kept it clean

Self-esteem, if I said it then why sweat it?

Champagne berries, the shit you gotta inherit

On my own merit I got mine, got signed

For seven digits, I got a line, and lotta shine

Stayed shit, from day one was told

The goal was to get it and stay young, don’t fold

Maintain, mind your own, find a zone

And learn to spend time alone, that’s when you made it

I move how the hustlers play it, it’s just a flip

Never got caught in a script, or jumped ship

The difference is, this is legit

One hit overnight, you right in the mix


Y’all gon’ respect mines

Track Information

Song titleRespect Mines
Release DateDecember 2, 2022


ProducersBuckwild & B Hawk
Record LabelAZ Quiet Money

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