Feel It In The Air-Cordae Lyrics

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“Feel It In The Air”


Yeah, uh-huh, no funny

This is real, real, real, real shit right here, man

Yeah, now check it

[Verse 1]

Fuck this industry I’m currently a part of, everybody is fake

Ulterior motives, they’ll lie in your face

I seen friends turn to enemies, become distant memories

Everybody’s janky, they just not who they pretend to be (Nah)

I’m tryna find my way out this production deal

Stupid me, young and dumb, I thought the love was real

Man, I don’t even go outside without touchin’ steel

One bad decision and I can gеt my muffin peeled

I know a couple niggas probably had they glassеs filled

I’m sorry, I don’t make music for the mass appeal

New crib got six baths, no Jack and Jill

But fuck the braggatory raps, boy, this shit get real

Never mind, I could tell you some shit with clever rhymes

But this year I thought of killin’ myself like seven times

And that ain’t normal, and fuck all that keepin’ shit formal

It felt like yesterday, when we was eatin’ DiGiorno’s

And mama ain’t have no internet to watch porno

So I ain’t have shit to do, but write inside my journal

And that’s why you can feel this pain I’m feelin’

I’m still renegotiatin’ shit with James McMillan

Negotiations ain’t gettin’ no further

I’m a boss nigga, never a worker, not a soft nigga, just an observer

Fuck the industry and fuck all my enemies

It’s crazy, but we asked for all this shit, nigga, didn’t we? (Yeah)

I wouldn’t change a damn thing, except for all the snake shit (Uh)

Except for all the contracts, except for all the fake shit (For real)

Except for all the people I showed genuine love to

Just spat in my face, know that I still love you (Haha)

Nah, fuck ’em, I am not that evolved

But if you ever got a problem, we can lock in a call

They say I’m at the Benz dealership, nigga, how you shop at the mall?

But still none of my problems is solved

[Interlude 1]

Ah, yeah

Man, yesterday, I was just textin’ Nas

He hit me up, you know what I’m sayin’?

He fucked with my Leakers freestyle, man, just shit like that

That’s still like—, it just keep me goin’

‘Til I had them

[Verse 2]


It seem like it’s good people bad things always happen to

When life get hard, it almost feel like God mad at you

The trust that I had in my heart, people shattered you

My goddamn drummer was a rat and I ain’t have a clue

I just want my girl to wake up without an attitude (For real)

I just wish them niggas around me would show gratitude

The love I’ve shown is never reciprocated (Never)

I’m ‘posed to be filled with joy, ’cause niggas made it

I thought the nigga Ralph was real, but he wrote a statement

And every time I get on the Gram, I’m in the matrix

And it’s crazy how I call Dave Chappelle, on some homie shit

Especially when I realize that he don’t owe me shit

I lost my first granny, same day we lost Kobe, shit

Glad I got to meet him at the U.S. Open, shit

We had a dope convo, though I’m never disclosin’ it

It’s certain key moments when I die that I’m goin’ with

[Interlude 2]

Yeah, did you get that first part?

You know, some things are best left unsaid, you know

Not everythin’—, it’s like, I try my best to be transparent

But also, I’ma find some cooler shit to say, haha

Ayy, check it, now, listen

[Verse 3]

Why does my compassion get treated as weakness?

Niggas showin’ they true colors, that’s as a reset

All alone in this mansion, know I’m prone to expansion (For real)

My profound use of language, I hold this advantage

Medicore-ass albums, they callin’ ’em classics (What?)

Give it time, foolish statements are always retracted

Force-fed algorithms that fall in the masses

Advertisements are planted, based on the demographics

Uh, ten-thousand cash in my denim jacket

Often reminisce for times when we didn’t have it

But who am I to dwell? My job is to excel

A hundred bands I put on Microsoft, I’m doin’ well

Investment returns, live more lessons and learn

I sent a long text message if the catch a concern

Although never replied, ‘least it’s better than lies

Niggas crave this fame shit, whether dead or alive


Huh, y’all can have this shit, man, you hear me?

Let me keep the bread though

But like, all this other like, fame, extracurricular shit, man

Fuck ’em, I don’t fuck with none of these industry-fame niggas

I don’t fuck with none of these bitches

Man, I fuck with my tribe and my tribe only

And that’s it, everybody else eat a dick, Hi Level shit

Track Information

Song titleFeel It In The Air
Release DateDecember 1, 2022


WritersCordae & Heavy D
ProducersHeavy D
Record LabelCordae

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