One Time-DJ Drama, Icewear Vezzo Lyrics

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“One Time”


you know,

I don’t get collecting double back.

These niggas hoes and say they finish,

you had a bag and fumble.

That I ain’t been the same since they lock me up.

I just want my brother back.

I tell her last fucking around on risk,

my life to flake.

A lot of it though.

Some shit.

I’m blessed for life of still got pain.

A semi this ain’t your lane.

Are you playing games with gain?

I’m picking sides.

Then don’t be to sit him down.

Refresh it like mr.

Top ain’t no,


gave me shit.

Except my sellers treatment did is too much talent I turned

out with all my family.

I simplest way,


falling shit.

I need my blessing Rowley blessing,

his big dance Play for Keeps us out.

We step in here,

one time or all the nails that strap strap.

So times,

for all the niggas that’s Flex middle finger to the pussy.


Let’s tell three times for the real niggas in heaven

and both times for The Bad Business step out


really Do

this shit with my

money three days in

the white box?

Visit bowling sticky.

Guess who got the lowest numbers in the city.

So time for all the niggas that Flex in middle finger to

the pussy niggas,

that’s tell three times for the real niggas in heaven

and fall time for a bad bitch that step

Track Information

Song titleOne Time
ArtistDJ Drama, Icewear Vezzo
Release DateDec 3, 2022


WritersIcewear Vezzo
ProducersAntt Beatz
Record LabelIcewear Vezzo

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