Water Water – Boosie Badazz Lyrics

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“Water Water”

My necklace across the corner

so you don’t see me at night. 

Niggas getting paid when they were smiling like who’s it do sold the niggas

 running up their cars and I’m like damn this a movie

 I’m the war the so you don’t see me at night. 

Water the bits 

talking about this water now give them game daylight

 health drop it on just like bout I was telling what topic he say water. 

I say they can’t cross me like a border with no sign.

 That’s an order drill drop I just iced out my clock drew drop down it’s got me on the rock.

 I’m talking water, water. 

My bracelet calls my 40 and my nickela cross the quarter talking water, water. 

I know stupid like 

right so you don’t see me at night. 

All of it  boke your necklaces like I came from Houston. 

You think this shit drippin just waiting next to Stephen got Bobby Bouchet fucking with my muse.

I’m on another level, boy, it ain’t no catching up.

Sure don’t even chase us because it ain’t no catching us. 

Whose to ask me which necklace I want I said the rose gold. 

My grill cost so much a damn they made my nose froze. 

All these new water. 

I ain’t worried about no I just fucked the cool because she said my soul old. 

I need something new for my neck and my wrist. 

Hey, big doubt. Call up ice, man. Nick said that.

 Boy, I need some water. 

My bracelet calls my 40 and my necklace 

I know stupid like foolish. 

Track Information

Song titleWater Water
ArtistBoosie Badazz
Release DateOct 3 2022

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