G.L.H. – Cam’ron, Jadakiss, Mase Lyrics

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Here we go still moving reckless

 I snatch you right out of your Lexus 

I’m moving black like a Tetris 100,000 by breakfast praying the law protect us god bless us god bless we make a profit the coppers. 

They want to stop at the DA he’s trying to knock it he passing it judge the docket for famous they show me copy they’re pulling off in a rock and smiling think they got it to sell they will not just like it the case they said it just dropped 

it to jury all in my pocket 


God like Humphrey in New York I’m a monster malibu I’ll be healthy I’ll be finding it funny the way I’m doing these dummies because I was moving like bumpy when y’all was doing the Hump SUV for the speed bumps she had pain for the days that our dinner was 

free lunch when I wore outfit took it back out of refund now what’s happening here? 

Bitch rerun. 

It’s me oh. 

Yeah don’t let these niggas get the best of you I need every penny so I’m bagging up the residue tell them no then they gonna get quiet and think less of you but I was rolling loud way before there was a festival don’t overreact that’s some broke niggas testing 

you they don’t even ask how many with us they just let us do live or die sooner or later what you expect to do still alive but you brain dead you a vegetable for now. 

All I have is my word and my testicles call the year bracelets the watching the spectacles money does a lot but nowhere near what respected do playing man just know who you gardening. 

Who checking you moving around with a couple nines and a check or two long kiss good night just imagine what a peckadoo yeah and now we’re from our sponsors mace. 

Kill and kiss the three headed monsters you know you ted talking with a guru yeah. 

I stay sticking dogs like I’m Voodoo mom fresh off a jet honolulu with your BowBow talk spicy. 

Let them soup you I knock out half of your noodle log up coachella clothes with the yellow Rover if no beeping over bras what the hell is overall? 

It’s nicest ting with the coolest I’ve seen yeah. 

Shit like COVID nigga hole is nice yeah. 

Fire truly from up if he do not give it up young pool with the knit late tom tippy duck shot hit the windshield shit rest through the tibby yeah. 

This type of nigga make the day room liddier cops watch like a cocaine cause spirit name one witty or more fox than Vivo yeah 

trivia gets rock no livia wrong move on making your shit bag be kidding I bank lost yeah. 

They charge like I was the next team pen distributor yeah. 

You ride dick screen kitty up ducking all the DA ATF particular I’m like the nigga faded ways when cardi’s in jail like I graduated from jailhouse curriculum. 

Even Niggas Fortin knew now never gets sweat with them murdering killer. 

We did it. 

Bigger than rich in them nigga. 


Starting today and from now on, I shall call you. 

Track Information

Song titleG.L.H.
Artist Cam’ron, Jadakiss, Mase
Release DateOct 14, 2022

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