Sincerely Face – Babyface Ray Lyrics

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“Sincerely Face”

You know what I’m sayin’?
It is what it is, nigga, we ain’t trippin’ ’bout nothin’, shit
Nothin’, everything profit, nigga

Now, I can sit and tell you ’bout the diamonds on my chest like everything’s easy
(I can tell you ’bout that shit, but I don’t feel like talkin’ ’bout it right now)
Spoke to Fatboy the other day, he say he’s still gettin’ money, what’s new?
(Still gettin’ money, you know ain’t nothin’ new to us, nigga)
All my latest problems come from bitches, so you know I had to cut ’em all through
(You know these hoes be tryna run a nigga in the dirt if you ain’t do what they want)
You know I got the juice like I had Bishop hangin’ and I threw him off the roof
(You know I got the juice, you know I got the sauce, lame-ass nigga)
Bitch nigga, you your mama’s boy (yeah)
All these free bands got my bitch bored (ffft)
Break the mob rules, you get sent for (come here)
That Rollie fit my wrist like it’s meant for it
Niggas small fry, I’m big ballin’, gettin’ chips more (yeah, yeah)
Turnt up, got these bad bitches suckin’ dick more
Burnin’ ‘Za, got my own pack in the six-four (yeah)
Dope prices, it be up and down like a six-four, yeah (my bad)
Sprintin’ to that money got me outta breath
Lil’ nigga at the grown court, still yellin’, “Next”
I know heaven real, man, I done been through hell and back (no cap)
I done blew through band after band, down to my last (bags)
You might piss me off, all my lil’ niggas come and crash (go get his ass)
Nigga, when it rain, you get wet, I can smell the grass (yeah)
Smilin’ in my face, deep down, I can tell he mad (fuck him)
Bitch nigga caught me down bad, so I killed a man (bitch ass)
Bad thoughts runnin’ through my mind, I can’t speak at all
Get my first million, real talk, I’ll still get raw
Call lil’ cuz Dum-Dum, he don’t think at all, blankin’ out
Send a hundred beans down your way just to peep it out
Slow leaks in the air mattress, you should see the house now (go)
Thirty P plank, finna meet with Bob now (Bob)
Put her in a pent’, I won’t even stop out (mmm-mmm)
Me and Eggo courtside, call him Tata (like the broadcast)
Make her hit her knees like my name Allah, rockin’ Fear of God
Swear it might take a little longer, I don’t dick-ride
Wavy Navy, you ain’t in that circle, I ain’t pickin’ sides
Trill niggas with it, hit the door once we switch vibes (trill niggas)
Young niggas took the brick road, Wizard of the Oz (young niggas)
Compare to who? Laughin’ at you niggas, all jokes aside (fuck niggas)
I’m at Ocean Prime (yeah), I got motion now
Caught cases, but you still out, you a fuckin’ cop
She a demon, when the nut come, you supposed to stop (ooh)
Pretty face, drippin’ like me, ass pokin’ out
Ask Kash, she can vouch for me (ask Kash)
Ask G, he can vouch for me (ask G)
Ask them niggas, man, I doubt it’s beef
I thought niggas’d be proud of me
Like cheesecake big shit poppin’, keep a lot of these
Stay lit, hit everything but the lottery (lit, lit)
I was on chill, then these lame niggas started me (I was on chill)
Told redhead, “That shit good, girl, you part of me”
Big V sittin’ on my chest like a Bari tee
Think I might grab Maybach, paint it army green (Maybach)
‘Bout to buy mom a big house just to stash racks (uh)
I was told keep this shit a hundred, no cash back
Nigga, what you on? No flashbacks (huh?)
Shit you niggas on, I’m past that (I’m past that)
Come around stealin’ sauce with your crab ass (lame ass)
“Face, boy, you the next to blow, ” my Arab said (oh yeah)

Track Information

Song titleSincerely Face
ArtistBabyface Ray
Release DateJan 24, 2022


WritersBabyface Ray
ProducersBabyface Ray
Record LabelBabyface Ray

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