Ace of Spades – Icewear Vezzo Lyrics

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“Ace of Spades”

Lucci how you feel
Drank God

Throw the money up until the club empty
Pill poppin’ nigga, keep my gun with me, yeah
Movin’ with them steppers, got my hood with me
Finna slide at Ace of Spade and leave a dub in it
Just hit another lick, we took the plug work
Mix the Wocky with a Freezee, bitch I love syrup, ooh
Ran ’em out the booth, they in the club hurtin’
Got eighty thousand in my pocket, it’s off good work
Put sixes on my Rolls, I’m finna park the Phantom
Thirty round stuffed in that Glock, it’s black as Armaretta
Lil’ brodie pressin’ bricks, yeah this the art of trappin’
Do a hundred in that ‘Rari, speed through all the traffic
(Iced Up Records)
Bitch, yeah I’m a real robber
Take hiss jewelry off, a rich nigga but I’m still slimy
Got a homie that’s some millions up and he a real slider
I don’t give a fucka bout no rappers, bitch, we real grimy
And don’t play me like no ho, I put that on my kids
I only wear these big ass pants so they can hold my bands
Left out Gallery, we spent ’bout forty bands
Ain’t been to Hutch in like two weeks and I’m three-forty in
Pour the kiki’ up, I need another cup
The only time you double up is with your double cups, pussy
Quarterback that play tell gang ‘nem “Huddle up”
I only signed another deal so I could
Bitch, I’m really gang, I got a membership
You don’t live yo’ raps, boy, I can hear that shit
Got a big ass house and got, mm
Got a big ass house look like a dealership
Step on shit, love to flex and shit, bitch we pressin’ shit
Dope house, it gotta hella work, look like a second shift
Ghetto bitch, told her fresh the dick, she gotta catch the shit
Put a big old bag on them boys, get yo’ stepper hit

Big money shit
Rich off pints 3
Big Ice

Track Information

Song titleAce of Spades
ArtistIcewear Vezzo
Release DateJul 21, 2022


WritersIcewear Vezzo
ProducersIcewear Vezzo
Record LabelIcewear Vezzo

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