Scorpion Eyes – BandGang Lonnie Bands Lyrics

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“Scorpion Eyes”

Hey ts

You see the fire in my people’s that I can’t disguise
I been chasing bags
That’s why you see these bags on my eyes
When I’m wakin all through the day
I gotta talk to God
Paranoid I gotta make it back home to my kids alive

My twin boys and my babygirl know daddy gon provide
Wanna kick it wit the homeboys
No clockin’ my job
I really wanna kill a nigga
But I put aside my pride
I’m tryna get past six figures
But I gotta feed the guys

I really love my lil niggas
Tryna teach em more than slide
The hood glorify killin
Got the ghetto demonized
I don’t believe these rap niggas
They ain’t see no homicides
They ain’t ready to sleep
Where they shit rest of they lifetime

They just wanna act like they like that on that timeline
Talkin bout that whole lie
Thats the new way niggas droppin dimes
Why you takin life for granted?
Why you out here movin blind?
Why you out here causin static?
Know you softer than some pie

Why you get arrested
Don’t let them racist crackas punk you out
Interrogation screamin in yall faces
Made you blur it out
You ain’t only said
You asked for pape
But then you wrote it out
You coulda beat them cases
But you wanna run yo fuckin mouth

I could show a nigga
Better than I can tell him
And them big facts
I ain’t neva need another nigga
Not for shit jack
I ain’t neva ride a nigga wave
And try to piggyback

It was me as if
I was on them interstates bringin 50 back
Damn I miss my babies skin
Ain’t neva had to question him
I know these niggas talkin foul
I know these niggas hate I’m him
I hate my heart so fuckin big
I hate these drugs fucked up my head
I hate I let these bitches made me neva wanna love again

Hate it took me 26 years to finally be a man
I hate I’m really hurt
Filled with tears that I’m holdin in
Tired of takin all these losses
Tired of losin all my friends
I’m tired of all these doublecrossers
I can neva make amends

I think I need some therapy
I’m sparin with the pressure
I been sippin heavy lean
Battlin wit addiction
I know that its killin me
So don’t tell me no legends (Huh!)
Seen the devil in my dream
Got me wakin up sweatin

Wakin up poppin beans
And that shit don’t make it no better
I been doin this rappin thing
But it slowin up my cheddar
State to state without a team
But I’m in a group however
I done sacrificed everything tryna keep it glued together

Can catch the blame for everything
When you reach a whole new level
I don’t regret anything
Cuz I keep catchin new blessings
I keep me a box of green
And a pack of blues from Texas
Babygirl you snooze
Then you loose
That’s for all my exes

You see the fire in my people’s
That I can’t disguise
And I-
I been chasin bags
While you see these bags on my eyes
When Im wakin all through the day
I gotta talk to God
Paranoid I gotta make it home back to my kids alive
My twin boys and my babygirl…
Huh, tss

Track Information

Song titleScorpion Eyes
ArtistBandGang Lonnie Bands
Release DateMar 15, 2022


WritersBandGang Lonnie Bands
ProducersBandGang Lonnie Bands
Record LabelBandGang Lonnie Bands

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