Real Hips – Bandmanrill Lyrics

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“Real Hips”

Look, wait-wait-wait
Look, look, wait-wait-wait
On bro, it’s the fuckin’ bandman, you heard?
Ayy, hold on, look, wait

Put my hands on ya’ hips
Shorty love when I smack it and beat it
She know how I rock, rock, rock
Play on bro, I’ma bleed ’em
I told my bitch, “They down to the end”
Next nigga play, I’ma blow when I see ’em
Screamin’, “Free Nut”, that’s bro to the end
Can’t wait til’ he said they freed ’em

For the bros, I give my last
For the hoes, they throwin’ that ass
Need a load, I’m throwin’ that bag
He don’t wanna beef, he don’t wanna flag
I got this shit myself, no cap
To Ma, “I love you” and it’s fuck my dad
Bitch, I’m touchin’ a M off music
‘Member they said I won’t even grad’

When I dip, you dip
New bitch bad, she gon’ eat up this dick
Walk in the party, I carry my grip
He play if he want, catch one to the lip, damn
Gun on my hip, can’t rock my hips
You know how I’m comin’, I’m bouncin’, bouncin’
Touchin’ a mil’, take that off the list
Everyday I wake up, I’m countin’, countin’

Cut it all up, I get to the cheddar
Bro got Glocks, I came with rettas’
Told lil’ bro, “Be safe, keep head up”
My niggas, they happy and they don’t need bread up
Lotta’ you niggas, you think it’s a game
Get out his body, get hit for the hate
In the city, I’m him, I made me a name
Lil’ bitch in my DM, I think it’s a set up

Put my hands on ya’ hips
When I dip, you dip, you dip, like
Put my hands on ya’ hips
When I dip, you dip, you dip, like
Put my hands on ya’ what?
When I dip, you dip, you dip
Put my hands, like, put my hands, like, put-, look, look, wait

Put my hands on ya’, huh
Put my hands on ya’, huh

Put my hands all on them hips
She throwin’ it back, this lil’ bitch wilin’
After the party, I’m takin’ it home
She told me she love me, I know she stylin’

Track Information

Song titleReal Hips
Release DateAug 5, 2022


Record LabelBandmanrill

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