Robbin Season-21 Lil Harold Lyrics

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“Robbin Season”

Uh huh

Uh huh

Uh huh

[Verse 1]

Black air ones is what I got on

I’ll rob a nigga down with his ice on

I’ll slap a nigga out, put the tax on

I’ll buss all in her mouth she got a big tongue

They say its robbing season for the real killas

The real hittas

The young niggas

Big pistol, it kill niggas

I don’t got time for no freak bitch

But im

Uh huh huh

21, 21

H dawg bitch I like to walk shit

Trey 5 7 like to talk shit

If Eddie Kane was out here you better hide bitch

It ain’t no in between shit so free the guys bitch

First gun that I tote, it was a thirty round

First rhyme that I wrote, I made a hundred thou’

Big Nuke had the coke, until we robbed him down

A lot of ops had jokes until we put em down


See there was this young nigga right

I fuckеd with this young nigga

But my brother was telling me thе whole time

The nigga had some pussy shit in his blood

Dumb ass nigga

[Verse 2]

The nigga wanna beef bout a bitch I don’t do

Niggas get on songs make diss, I’m gone shoot

This nigga be pouting like a trick

How you gangsta but got feds in yo mix

I don’t want smoke with no snitch nigga

You don’t bang 4L you ride dick nigga

You put money on my head then send a blitz nigga

Triple cross his ass out cause I’m rich nigga

I got tommy guns nigga

I I that nigga used to be my son nigga

While I punch em down make him run nigga

Punch his ass out

Old bitch ass nigga

Old hoe ass nigga 

Track Information

Song titleRobbin Season
Artist21 Lil Harold
Release Date8-Nov-2022


Writers21 Lil Harold
Producers21 Lil Harold
Record Label21 Lil Harold

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