I’m Back-Fredo Lyrics

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“I’m Back”

There’s a lot of murders in my city, talkin’ eye for eye, die for die

Girls tryna lie, they’re running round out here from guy to guy, I tried

But it’s clear that me and you, we can’t see eye to eye

When all that you can really see, is stuff that you feel I should buy

Yo, why should I?

One shooter with me they say, “Less is more”

But he will crash off, rest assured, I think it’s best he gets insured

Them boys are insecure, say my name in songs to gеt in the door

Why you think they’re mad? Wе’re the ones that win the war

Step your game or you can’t step to Fred

I spend but I invest the bread

So the new rolex got more baguettes than greggs

They say I’m clean and how I dress the best

But every time we pull up on them scenes, always left a mess

SMS and I don’t take no disrespect except for when it’s the ‘net

My neck looks like crystal meth, the best is what I wish the rest

Yeah, they do it for the clout, your friends are all washed

The day I care about clout’s when you can spend it in shops

It’s gettin’ sick on these blocks, most of my niggas, they shot

The rest of my niggas rob niggas that shop for shit that they got

I couldn’t find ’em so I hit a spot, then hit up his boss

When I can’t find guap, I find a watch and I’m rippin’ it off

Now I’ve got all kind of watches ’cause I move the foulest

Just put my Richard in a new spot, call it movin’ houses

I flew my youngins to Dubai, then they caged up the army

‘Cause they took a couple APs at places we party

Phone the phone, don’t ask me ’cause I don’t work the order

Before rap, you didn’t trap, it’s cap, you weren’t a baller

They think they drippin’, but their jewellers really turned a corner

Niggas come around me and they realise, they’ve got dirty water

Got my mum a spot but I won’t post in the house

What’s all this postin’ about?

Most rappers buy their people shit so they can post it for clout

We had all scared to go home like there’s ghosts in his house

Set up shop here, we’re closin’ it down

Never heard a song where they’re tellin’ the truth

All that lyin’ them boys do, should put some beds in the booth

These days the neekiest drillers, can be online speakin’ on killers

And ain’t no creepin’ on dingers, and how you speakin’ on dinners?

A lot of niggas speak but when I speak, the streets know it’s realer

Chocolate girl in my passenger seat, but the seats are vanilla

Twenty-five thousand a week, that’s just a sleep in a villa

If it ain’t ’bout Ps, you can’t even see or speak to a nigga like me

Businessman, invested in kick game and watched it expand

I set up shops, I set up spots, I’m not just in the gang

Real nigga, so any time when one of my real niggas land

I’m tryna help him out with this bag, like he’s my nigga’s gran’

I been the shit since I was a kid, now I’m still the man

The plan was to make millions, I made millions, and it’s still the plan

Skinny nigga push a lot of weight, no, I don’t need a hand

Fuck a gym, them new hammers in, got us feeling wham

Niggas speakin’ my name ’cause they’re seekin’ the fame

But they ain’t done shit, we ain’t feelin’ the same

But I bet we leave one sleepin’ again, you spend a key on your chain

I spent like three, so we ain’t the same

PJ, there won’t be a delay

I buss the white gold prezzi and got the same one in plain, prick

Got a plain rose prezzi and got the same one with rain in

No new niggas with me, with the same ones I came with





I think it’s change, I fear

I said I wouldn’t change, but change is here

Businessman, now I change career

I level up, then I go change the gear

So fuck a rainy day, I’ve got money saved for rainy years

But still don’t get me upset

‘Cause I change ya face with my crazy mates that can’t wait to change the plates

Yeah, I came from estates to a place with gates

Where I was needing the change, but there’s no change to make

And if it don’t go one-sixty, that’s not my car

Before songs, trappers knew my number off by heart

And rest in peace to Virgil, I still off-white hard

When you grind how I grind, it’s a matter of time, it’s not by chance

They got a team but no, it’s not like ours

Got the game on lock with my bars like all I drop’s bicarb’

You ever sat down in prison, gettin’ letters from a hoe that you don’t even know?

Tellin’ her to spray a little perfume on the envelope so you can get a smell of rose

The little bros love to shoot, so I don’t ever tell ’em, “Go”

But they need it and I got it, then I won’t ever tell ’em, “No”

I know who killed shh, but I won’t never tell a soul, yeah

Made a million off my telephone

And made a couple more million pound out here sellin’ shows, yo

And even though the opp block is so very close

For them boys to see me, they need to get them a telescope

All them chances I took just for the bread

For them to turn around and give me racks, just for my breath

I got paid, then the pain started to trouble me less

It’s either that or when my brother put your brother to rest

Hustling pebs, tryna make it out till nothin’ is left

And go again and again till we run into feds

I don’t wear bras, but my chest, it’s a double VS

I’m tired of jewellery though, it’s time to fuckin’ invest

I’m talkin’ mortgages, it’s got me shoppin’ for rugs and ornaments

This ain’t no rap, you know it’s facts when I’m talkin’ this

You’re talkin’ straps, I had more semis than them tournaments

Young nigga tryna reach to the final, check him

Oh, you’re the type of prick to beg a bitch to stay?

I’m the type to spend twenty gibs, on any given day

Chasin’ money out in many different ways

Till I’m dead and in the grave

That’s the only time that Freddy will behave

Even your daughter’s mum knows you’re out here talkin’ a lie

All them jewels that I buy, know it’s more for the hype

And know I bought my daughters’ house before I bought any ‘bine

And caught a lot of yutes lackin’ before I caught any flight, check it

My dad did in Feltham, taught me to fight

No phones in there, gotta talk through the pipe

Now I talk through the mic

Where you lose your shoes if you’re awkward and shy

Where I’m from, the pussies lose, only the scorer survive

Remember times I felt poor in my life, now I’m ten times more than alright

Thank the Lord in the light

Now I’m on Lord of the mic

My young boys ride around with their swords on a bike ting

Swap that bike for a horse and they’ll look more like a Viking

I’ve got loud little white tings

That fly so much, their skin’s browner than my thing

They might be hard, but that shit ain’t soundin’ like my ting

Blowin’ clouds, but you know that there’s no cloud up in my bling

And never try lookin’ at my worth on the ‘net

‘Cause Google don’t know who I serve or how much work that I get

Yeah, I knew my life, see a change when I didn’t wanna jerk the connect

And I much rather prefer the respect

Still I never use a cashpoint, you should know it isn’t that

They get a room prepared for me when I go into the bank, yo

And even though I’m out here, still tryna work the block

I’m gettin’ eighty for a verse, my breath’s worth a lot

When I want a girl from the States, I just fly them in

He’s hidin’, flyin’ ’cause he knows we’re tryna find on him

I’m tryna find where you record and leave you lyin’ in that studio you’re lyin’ in

Their burners ain’t firin’

When my diamonds shinin’, they can’t help but be admirin’

When I got a show, know I can’t help but bring the fire in

All that talk’s the same reason we had a funeral

They can’t diss me in the streets, gee, it’s only in the musical

Track Information

Song titleI’m Back
Release DateNovember 3, 2022


Record LabelP G Records

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