I Admit It-Rican Da Menace Lyrics

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“I Admit It”

Damn be more like

to say that I’m neighbors.



I really feel like I know / put


put a,

I make up and check my bank account.

I’m shit only little bitch.

Don’t pay any nigga.


I barely pay my ticket.

We all know the truth about,

you don’t got a lot of kick.

Please stop calling me a female rapper,

a bitch.

I’m coming.

Kept saying a big actor.

No pussy.

Time starts now LM fish and

please excuse me.


Goodwin Platinum naturally.

Ain’t had to get no work done.

Never been oh-ho.

He trying to hit the snigger home.


looks this way back.

Did they save it?

When I pull up this book,

we made him hate me.

He thought Maddie can’t control it.

How do you 50 just to pop out?

Take the back and buy a cake.

20 hit in front of it.

Call him another nigga,

net could do what I wanted.

He’s still trying to grab the right.

I’m dragging ain’t no way that all last name could be to say.

Pulled up in the lambo truck you hate.

And from a road,

a rib has got a lot of booze.

Can’t wait to pull me over it,

summons him but I stay with an honor,

my bank account.

Got like eight bills only for with,


selling bitches,

but on my bitches got six fingers,

Perry song,

I put off by step by Gators,

Gets By Me.

First second,


even fourth,

at least some tap body program.

These been doing me how a busy bee Last Ship got quiet.

Be honest.

I’m hotter than most of these niggas send me to hell if I’m lying.

I had a bitch.

I’ll be watching my story behind this Rajasthan.

You thought I was supposed to pick up with your man?


please you have to again I will tell you what something

is blocking this spot.

You a business that big about Mexico,

pochamma Dubai to make that ugly face,

but I still keep it cute.


my man,

like with a Kelly,

but you just go see a seat sit down.

He got don’t have a suit,


Take a shot.

Some man.

He’s nice,

but he’s still trying to shoot having a phone in.

Just what?


doesn’t a visible cool.

I make it hard to walk in my shoes.

You can’t even for my boot,


I’m a bulls bull so I got rich.

I had to leave.

They say men and women lawyers fighting,


I hate the new things.

I can’t even count.

How many times that I got hated on?

I don’t entertain it.

I know and just play along Pizza.

Think I came up overnight?


go make a song this in it better than me.

So I could tell you that I hate the song bitch.

Track Information

Song titleI Admit It
ArtistRican Da Menace
Release DateNov 4, 2022


WritersRican Da Menace
ProducersRican Da Menace
Record LabelRican Da Menace

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