Big Burna-Kid Ink, Wiz Khalifa Lyrics

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“Big Burna”

[Intro: Kid Ink]





Ayy, ayy




Kid Ink

[Verse 1: Kid Ink]

Ayy, big burner

Smoke fire like the furnace

Ayy, reggie blunts, I just curve ’em

To the left, baby, don’t fuck the turn up

Ayy, frontos, no more Backwood

Yeah, out of Cali’, know the pack good

Yeah, put the blunt to her lips when she run her mouth (Yeah)

No sticks, smell a seed, better throw it out (Woah, woah)

4:20 on the Rollie (Rollie)

Cut the leaf like shinobi (Oh, yeah)

Never lowkey (Woo)

We be high up in the nosеbleeds (Nosebleeds)

Goin’ OT (OT)

Sweatsuit feelin’ cozy

RocketShipShawty thе chiefer (Yeah)

I walk in this bitch, smell like Carti’ and reefer (Yeah)

Just watch how you hit it, lil’ bae, that’s a sleeper (Sup)

She call when she need her (Woo)

[Interlude: Kid Ink]



Ayy, ayy


Yeah, yeah, burner


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]

She wanna get up in the car with Khalifa

Don’t blow up her phone, I just call when I need her

Yellow gold with the chrome, matching all foreign features

Put her down on all fours, on the floor, that’s what her knees for

Pick it up, stick your tongue out, lick it up

You a lesbian, tonight, you want dick or what?

He a lame, I’m a boss, tell him give it up

One night, this your life, girl, give it up

Pour drink, sip it up, bomb weed, twist it up

I’m a pimp, he a trick, tell him spend it up

I got bitches like doctors got stitches and I always keep one in the cut

Telling me you miss me, send a picture of it

Anytime I shoot my shot, I’ma hit it, buckets

Telling me I do it better than your nigga does it

You fuckin’ with a—

[Outro: Wiz Khalifa]


Khalifa man

And if I put you on game, you game for life

You ain’t my motherfuckin’ wife



Track Information

Song titleBig Burna
ArtistKid Ink, Wiz Khalifa
Release DateNovember 18, 2022


WritersBig Bur-na, Brian Collins, Wiz Khalifa & ISM
Record LabelNA

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