DaBaby-Doo Wop Freestyle Lyrics

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“Doo Wop (Freestyle)”

Yeah, best motherfucking rapper, nigga

All the mommas, the aunties, the grandmas, the grannies

They gon’ love this shit, they gon’t be like, “Ooh, he it”

Let’s go

I’ma keep it pimping with you

I like what you do but it ain’t for me

I prefer the simple women

She got it from you

I got it for free

I was probably hitting it different

Yeah, you gotta be careful

Most of these women they want the same thing

Wanna take selfies in the Maybach

Wanna ride ’round drinking champagne, yeah

‘Boutta be tapped back into my campaign

And girl, you know you gotta watch these niggas

Niggas don’t be knowing shit

These niggas be tricks, paying for pussy

These niggas be over with

I’ma drop a mixtape and make the world stop like Kobe did

Amex the credit cards and the hunnids blue like Hova kid

Yeah, my woman on deep shit with G shit, she like Lauryn Hill

Not the kind

I was out here putting it down for my team, I couldn’t afford

The same people I was hustling for

I know

I been chose myself too many times to be in my feelings ’bout it

As long as my daughters and nieces happy

So the first nigga play with ’em wrong

I’ma stop everything and kill somebody, anybody

I do a nigga wrong and forget about them

Ain’t taking no handouts from these niggas, know I’ma get mine

She say she never been out the country, she get sick blind

Grammy-nominated six times

I’m having a good time

Shitting on niggas and giving

I already did it before but I’m back more wise and a lil’ more patient

In a hotel room with hoes and condoms, don’t need no more babies

She already know she gon’ die right there with the robbers if she tryna show locations


And I’ma still pop my shit regardless if they play my song

I’ma just come back with some hard shit, it won’t take too long

I’m across the country, I’m working niggas

I’ma stand on business

I’ma do hits so wrong I’ma make everybody say I’m right

Been learned quick

I seen it, nigga

I’m telling you

First hand, a veteran

She gave a firm handshake and told me I’m excellent

I’m ghetto, left the restaurant grab a hand full of peppermints

Know I ain’t perfect, I see this how I expected it

I been through worst and I mean it, so I ain’t stressing it

This beat remind me of the nineties back when we ain’t had shit

But our family, now I see what the biggest blessing is

Your people, nigga

‘Cause that’s the biggest motherfuking blessing

Yeah, so make sure

Everybody else, nigga, fuck ’em, get money

Ha, best rapper

Yeah, let’s go

Uh, uh, uh

Believe that

Let’s go

Track Information

Song titleDoo Wop Freestyle
Release DateNov 22, 2022

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