Alter Ego 2 – CEO Trayle Feat C4 Lyrics

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“Alter Ego 2”

I hate sayin’ this type of shit to us (Sayin’ what?)
I hate sayin’ that we be lookin’ like a bitch because (Nigga, what?)
I keep sayin’ that we might need go kick a door or somethin’ (I said no)
I keep tellin’ you just ’cause we get money don’t need nothin’
I keep tellin’ you the same shit, nigga (What you said?)
I can give a fuck about who gun bigger (My gun bigger)
I can give a fuck who don’t like who long as my son richer
Nobody around, I’m the only one gon’ shoot, better go get some niggas
Nigga, that make two of us and I’m the only one I trust
Nigga must think you Superman, them seven shots ain’t teach you nothin’
Yo, what you sayin’?
Nigga, you ain’t call no blitz ever since that— stunt
And you ain’t even catch him, somebody else had did it
And so what? Nigga, you ain’t even do shit neither
Shit, I had wanted to do it, you wanted to be a rapper
Yeah, you let lil’ bruh catch you loafin’, I had wanted to smoke him
You said I can’t do that shit in the open
And you can’t, the fuck you smokin’?
You ain’t gon’ fuck this up, we chosen
Wait until we one step closest
Nigga, you know my background pokin’
You let that rap shit change your focus
Nigga, I’m focused, I’ma let this money stack up
Uh, nigga won’t talk shit then
They think he ain’t got no backup
He got hit, heard he got back up
I don’t give a fuck, that shit don’t matter
Ayy, bitch-ass nigga want Drake status
Keep on takin’ me off the block
Pussy-ass nigga, you keep on sayin’ let security hold the Glock
Yeah, you like that Carti so much, pussy, you must don’t want your watch
Keep tryna get us locked up, watch
Nigga know this street shit all I got
You know these chopsticks all I know
And them Percocets took my girlfriend’s spot
And you finna have to let all that shit go
Nigga, I’m gettin’ serious with you
How you gon’ get your money if you can’t go?
Nigga, fuck that money, know 4 not broke
Nigga, fuck you, nigga, I want some more
You ain’t livin’ like none of this shit you sayin’
But that’s what I got you for
They say you a gangster, right?
Hate when we talk, you like a ho
Still get the business done, you just act like shit so cool
Tryna pop out and make friends, ‘member we used to rob ’em too?
Nigga keep on sayin’ we robbed them folks, nigga, you know that was you
That ain’t got shit to do with the CEO, I was makin’ business moves
Pussy, this hard as my tape, pussy, it’s my time of year too
You need me when you outside, won’t let nobody near you
Fuck that, nigga, I got security
Just gotta make sure a nigga gon’ shoot
The ones you have not labeled, pussy
That ain’t got shit to do with you
Fuck you mean, it don’t? It do
Ain’t usin’ your fuckin’ brain, it’s cool
A nigga say somethin’ to you, that mean he sayin’ somethin’ to me too
And I’m gon’ wanna shoot
You can’t
Can’t tell me what to do
I can, nigga, I will, nigga, I’m doin’ it, do what you gon’ do
You must got this shit confused
Tryna get in my way, you lose
I ain’t got shit to prove
Nigga, my opps dead and yours is too
Act like you can’t get opps that’s new
I’m somewhere niggas can’t come to
You act like you ain’t no regular nigga
I ain’t, that’s what I’m tryna tell you
I know you shellshocked, bitch, but everybody ain’t no enemy
Uh, niggas tryna get money with us
Whenever we do, niggas start to envy me
I done gave niggas all the sympathy
Uh, that’s true, but the win right ’round the corner
Nigga, let me come ’round the corner with the Drac’
Nigga, you come ’round the corner with a hundred
That’s what I got you for, I take shit and wrap shit up
You rap ’bout it and take us up
Act like you ain’t been legit before
Nigga, you wan’ be a criminal, how you expect to win?
I been winnin’ so far
That’s the bare minimum, nigga, I’m talkin’ M’s
Nigga always talkin’ that money shit, what ’bout respect?
Respect the M’s
I get that car, respect the rims
I’m in New York, respect the Timbs
Just talkin’ dumb shit
Where my haters at? I can’t even see ’em (True)
Hold up, I’ll be right back, that money call again

Track Information

Song titleAlter Ego 2
ArtistCEO Trayle , C4
Release DateOct 31, 2022


WritersCEO Trayle
ProducersCEO Trayle
Record LabelCEO Trayle

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