We Eat Our Young – Cattle Decapitation Lyrics

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“We Eat Our Young

Homo sapiens have made it perfectly clear
We can’t control ourselves
Living a life perfectly fine with blindly multiplying
Conscious of ruination coursing through our own bloodlines

Is this not a cesspool, our toilet earth
That we’ve crafted for our progenies?
And in this landfill where we lay down our births
A future rife with variants of disease…

Who even are we?
What is our endgame?
What’s with this army that survived when “the end” came?

Ah! The fleshy architect!
Bold in design but fucking out of its mind
With self-indulgence and a self-worship
Birthing in stifling numbers as the planet worsens

We cannot care
We never cared
We wouldn’t dare

We’ve upped the ante as the most invasive species of life that ever shat on this earth
That learned to shit in its hearth
That ever bore living birth, that taught its offspring to drive its own hearse
Straight into the dirt

Brought up to be so inconsiderate
Living in delight of belligerence
Through example they’re taught indifference
Pieces of shit, point blank – deliberate
Full of contempt rife with disinterest
Legitimately fucking ignorant
Litter my seed? Never considered it
Own world we obliterate

We eat our young
We eat our young
We eat our young
We eat our young
We eat our young
We eat our young
We eat our young
We eat our young

Track Information

Song titleWe Eat Our Young
ArtistCattle Decapitation
Release DateFeb 16, 2023


WritersCattle Decapitation
ProducersCattle Decapitation
Record LabelMetal Blade Records

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