Ups & Downs – Fabolous Lyrics

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“Ups & Downs”


Trying to elevate.

I just take the ups with the downs.

If it escalates my older gone up and down,

make them levitate blake,

lift them up off the ground.

I’m a heavyweight.

I’ve been trying to,

You ain’t say that.

Oh now we got puppies around.

I don’t play that.

The homie can’t make just the upside.

Everything is up with me now now ain’t no getting back with

me when I’m up and down and I just lost a poly off a couple of rebounds.

Thought y’all was happy for me.

What’s up with these frowns?

I’m big fish hungry.

Never thirsty my cup with me.

Now see me drop a bag,

I’m a cup of tea now.

Moving on up jefferson’s upper east.

Now finger says like breezy and

tiger Hoes ain’t loyal featuring wheezy and tiger swing through.


that gets easy for tiger drip too hard.

I don’t make it easy when you’re getting paper.

It gets easy is whiter but I never force it.

The reason is Geiger.


they’re gonna come for you when they can’t come for you seeing them uncomfortable.

I got local *** trying to locate you.

She not up in Croatia in Croatia.

You thoughts get around.


they rotate you,

you’re not wife material.

I need to hear that.

The shoe fits wear that because I’m gonna leave you weirdos right where you get weird at Czech foreign

like I met out here.

She like that drake album sound way better.

Trust me.

I know I’m just saying it’s a different vibe when you’re on the other side with it.

The upside surviving in Croatian


It what they liked.

I get it.

You’re not there yet.


what that boy say?

I took big steps to get here.

My Euro is different,



Track Information

Song titleUps & Downs
Release DateSeptember 30, 2022

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