Under the Weather – CORPSE Lyrics

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“Under the Weather”

Do you think at a certain point we all just
Sink into the ground and are never heard from again?
Fuck, your hands are warm
Hah, I guess I just never noticed

I keep one in the chamber
I keep one for myself
I’ll keep one of your pictures
So I’ll see you in Hell

I just damaged my liver
Babe, you think you can help? (Help)
I keep going to liquor
You keep wishing me well (Hahaha)

Would it kill you just to smile?
At least once in a while?
Leave your fucking town
Live just in the now

Baby, I got a fever
I’m not feeling too well
I’m so under the weather
I’m so under your spell

I got one in the chamber
I got one for myself
I got one of your pictures
So I’ll see you in Hell
Do you think it’s gonna be like this forever?
Feels like forever

Track Information

Song titleUnder the Weather
Release DateFebruary 3, 2023


ProducersTowerz & Hanz
Record LabelCorpse

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