Time – Giggs Lyrics

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[Verse 1]

It’s only up from here

Saw couple greys and touched my beard

Still out here lookin’ young, just lost some hair

I’ve been swingin’ my sword, a musketeer

Up early on that mornin’ rush for years

Blueprint, buildin’ a construction

The wrong leaders, we’re leaded to destruction

I never trust ’em, I sold drugs, but never touched ’em

Sold to customers then eruption

Fuck the radio, I blew like a volcano

Standin’ next to Kano, I’m posted up with Mano

All my shooters, they been with man from day though

I’m a street nigga, I’m too busy, I got to keep my mum full

I got to level up, go to get uncomfortable

But, still amongst them, dysfunctional

Savages on timin’, got to keep punctual

They said I wouldn’t make it, “He’s a failure”

I’m stealin’ nigga’s faces

On your radar, big in different places

I’m too cold, they been tryna replace me

It’s gettin’ old


Time, it’s only gotten faster

I got to keep it movin’, got so much to look after

I live through the guidance

Keep diggin’, got to dig for your diamonds

Time’s tickin’, listen

[Verse 2]

Is this the way I go?

Everyday I’m thinkin’ ’bout that, there’s not a day I don’t

These niggas braggin’ ’bout what they did first

I never talk about shit, that’s the way I go

I’ma play the game well, get that players dough

I just spoke to MO, said he’s layin’ low

Mum started up the business, and she say, “It’s slow”

It will pick up soon, just stay in the flow

My soldier never says nothin’, just stands in his zone

He’s just like that, he’s just playin’ his role

My nigga hit me, he was stressed, think he wanted to talk

That’s a minor

Told him, “Stay on the phone ’cause I don’t mind that”

Let’s keep it movin’ cautious, just don’t slip up

Bro, but keep it movin’ forward

Full flow and I’m lookin’ at these quarters

I’m growin’ my own flowers and keepin’ them all watered

The Devil’s got his pitchfork and he’s loud

You should never look a gift horse in the mouth

Thinkin’, “Payback is the best sport,” I’m so tired

And my patience is a bit short, but, I’m alive

Listen, I don’t like your reasons, she don’t like to reason

She thinks ’cause man don’t cry, that man ain’t got no feelings

She showin’ she loves him, he doesn’t believe her

He showin’ he loves her, she doesn’t believe him

Bad communication killin’ off the evenin’

This isn’t the way man really wants to leave things

I’ll just come back afterwards

I’m just flabbergasted

It don’t matter who’s the closest or who’s the furthest

You got to trust the process

It’s educational and we won’t stop ’til the worth’s generational

Man ran up and took a swing and hit a baseball

You can hate on the ting, but, that’s disgraceful

I’m a ninja and she’s April

I’m just playin’ with her

I’m just playful

Yo, listen

Track Information

Song titleTime
Release DateOctober 27, 2022


WritersGiggs, Dirty Saj & K1 (Producer)
ProducersDirty Saj & K1 (Producer)

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