The Realest – Kenzo B Lyrics

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“The Realest”

Like like its Kenzo B

Calling me the hottest in the city
Got a treat for someone tryna trick me
See im going up i gotta stay on 50
On my soul i got love for my blicky
Fuck arguing and all the shit that come with it
If it up lemme know we can get it
No bitch on this earth that could knock me off my pivot
Call bro and you know shit get lit ina minute
Like look fuck the dissing
I won’t speak on no opps i know thats they want me to mention
But boy he got packed cuz he dont pay attention
How he lack i thought he was a menace
Im to official to care what they say
I know they on my dick so i move with precision
I can’t beef bitch im stuck in my ways
Bitches fakе and thats why ive been keeping my distance
Bitches aggy
Dick us up on thе gram but that bitch knew better than to tag me
Niggas be sassy
If he dont got a gun then you know that lil nigga can’t have me
Bitches be maddy
Couldve gave you a 50 bitch i was tryna keep it classy
Top 2 not 2 dont @ me
Dont got a blick then im toting on sally
Fuck ya bitches dont care what yall jacking
We all human anything could happen
Adrelanine rushing then i start attacking
Im outside never ducking no action
When i catch her her face getting flattened
Popping that shit but them bitches is chatting
She was gang why she hopped on the wagon
Its on sight and that shit automatic
How yall satisfied sucking my dick
How yall cool doing shit i already did
Its still up give a fuck about her kid
Can’t invite me to link cause i already slid
Thats the facts
All that shit bitches talking i promise that shit is a cap
So relax
You untouched all it takes is a call get you put in a pack
Growing up i grew love for the violence
Growing up i was always on timing
Know she soft casue she talking to much and the real know the real always moving in silence
Got a twin if i call him he sliding
Shoot back to back like batman n robin
Fuck the media we gone keep wylin
Free all the guys thats locked up on the island

Track Information

Song titleThe Realest
ArtistKenzo B
Release Date18 Apr 2022


WritersKenzo B
ProducersSnoopay Fiasco
Record LabelKenzo B

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