The People (Eastmix) – Dave East Lyrics

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“The People (Eastmix)”

do this for my niggas

that never got out the

trenches watching cops

crack in their socksright

on them benches high

nspeed chases of niggas

hopping them fences

tryna make sure this

work last I’m bout to

pinch it why they tough

in your comments

murderis in your


It take a lot for me to se

humble i’m knocking

Kendrick shouts to all my

people of color survived

them lynches crack spots

bagging up dimes watching

the Simpson’s brand new

Jordan’s for that shit that

happened to Memphis

niggas came supposed to

score and I’m talking inches

got 2 daughters I treat em

Both like princess

Tryna fall back on red meat

just eating fishes clean all

the blood up with bleach

they got forensies no

fingerprints nobody could

be no witness first class

flight to Colombia not the

district I love D.C but I gotta

handle some business papi

got it low his prices l

couldn’t rift with catch a

bitch that I can’t understand

and give her stiff dick

I don’t understand how you

broke and not tryna fix it

this menu like churches

these chickens come with a

biscuit some niggas solid

some of these niggas be

flinching she cint had a tx

all day shit got her itching

avoid 2 things the cemetery

and prison I tried to play

ball in Detroit felt like a

piston ain’t nothing but

champagne coming out

when I’m pissing

She don’t want no scrub

baby I don’t want no pigeon

niggas to subliminal I don’t

be hearing disses couldn’t

go to: London for priors I felt

like Bishop red Yankee fitted

I’m feeling like Limp Biscuit

Fred Durks bullets dispersed

then it’s ballistics talking to

the stove fell in love with

the kitchen lost track of

goals fell in love with them


Pablo on a Common beat

they should honor me

probably will be the realest

nigga in itobviouslyL.A

niggas love me I feel like a

dodger B came a long way

from sitting in traffic on

them Honda seats they cinit

pick up when 1 called now

they calling me used to

dream about all of the

money niggas offered me

gotta ?? Put out, the offering

murder for a feature you

gotta watch how you talk to me

Track Information

Song titleThe People (Eastmix)
ArtistDave East
Release DateSeptember 22, 2022


WritersKanye, Gil Scott‐Heron, Common
ProducersDave East
Record LabelDave East

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