Sparks – Coldplay Lyrics

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Did I drive you away?
I know what you’ll say
You say, “Oh, sing one we know”

But I promise you this
I’ll always look out for you
Yeah, that’s what I’ll do

I say, “Ohh”

I say, “Ohh”

My heart is yours
It’s you that I hold on to
Yeah, that’s what I do

And I know, I was wrong
But I won’t let you down
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I will, yes, I will

I said, “Ohh”

I cry, “Ohh”

Yeah, I saw sparks
Yeah, I saw sparks
And I saw sparks
Yeah, I saw sparks
Sing it out

Track Information

Song titleSparks
Release DateJun 16, 2008


WritersChristopher Anthony John Martin, Guy Rupert Berryman, William Champion, Jonathan Mark Buckland
ProducersRik Simpson, Dan Green
Record LabelParlophone Atlantic Capitol, Warner Music EMI Fierce Panda

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