Slipping Into Darkness – The Alchemist Lyrics

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“Slipping Into Darkness”

Never seen before or heard in this fashion
Convert the work to magic
Bury a beat six feet, pour dirt in the casket
Hard to imitate, I’m cut from a certain fabric
My shirt and slacks thirty racks, plus the fur jacket
No turning backwards
Forward motion I’m pouring mimosas
Got me more in focus
Got my foot inside the door and tore it open
Now we going dumb, throwing money
I’m from the Sunshine State
When I eat I need a plus size plate
The main event is this
My jewelry look like the great adventure slick
Promoters paint a stencil on the brick
With my insignia
You made a little splash in the wave pool
I’m even drippier, shoot out the lights
I’m putting 50 up
Then hang my jersey in the rafters
Right next to Hit
Hoppin’ out the Trans Am flexing the fit
Fuck all the talk, just cut the check and split
Floor seats while I’m sippin’
My pina colada is drippin’ on my pimpin’
But I never get to slippin’ into darkness
Never catch me slippin’ into darkness

Never catch me slippin’
Alchemist over a Hit-Boy beat
Hit-Boy over a Alchemist beat
Let’s do it
I’m not for everybody, but I am who I am
I am what I am
No back and forth, no Martin and Pam
TSA gotta check my wrist, and all they can say is damn
When you move how you wanna move you gon’ make somebody mad
My nigga I’m the best student Kanye ever had
Fell out with certain niggas fast, cause I put shit on blast
That’s how you smother out the nonsense
I’m hungry as a hostage
They hit me with the blockage, but I made it out the gauntlet
Took short but long trips, what I know for sure is this
Niggas will back stab you way quicker than they’ll stab for you
And that might be more soulful than going to Churches after Church
You crossed your man but what was it worth?
You die with a chain, they’ll run in your hearse
I guess I’m not the type of nigga you say congrats to
Still put this shit on my back and my shoulders if I have to
I’m thinking both of these two cities should go build my statue
Pasadena and Fontana, I brought chips back through
They thought they knew my sound
I leveled up, I’m highly blessed
Add me on your IG while you play this on your project steps
Two feet on the concrete, somehow niggas thought I lost my step
‘Till I did them Nas projects, this time you cannot deflect
I am who I am, I’m never slippin into darkness in this all white Lamb
I’m never slippin into darkness
But they bringing me to the darkness, look
I’m usually homeboys with producers I get compared to
But on this one I wanna see them stretched out, extra leg room
I don’t really know dude, he seem like a cool cat
But I never once heard Metro Boomin do boom bap
I never heard a Southside beat without a 808 in it
HB in drunk driver mode, I swerve in every lane with it
I fuck with Mustard he can make that ratchet shit with his eyes closed
But now I’m starting to wonder, can that nigga chop soul?
I just seen Yung Berg spoke on the wave
I should do him like Trick Trick and snatch Hit out his name
I had decoded the game, I had the coldest of days
I’m like Deebo on his cruiser
How you got no credits without co-producers?
Time to give these niggas the Royal Flush, no Roto-Rooter
It’s Hit-Boy buckin’, just so you niggas know the shooter
Juug season I’m in the A playing Young Scooter
Need em to see me in broad day from the walkway
This feel like childhood summer trips
I been a modest supplicant
They rob you for publishing, that feel like a punishment
How people I only met once don’t look like none of us
Moving with this wild behavior, that shit has shattered my trust
Build a million statues in my likeness
And I ain’t dissin’ on nobody I ain’t even write this
It came to me in a dream, they had it out for Hit
So I freestyled this verse over The Alchemist

Track Information

Song titleSlipping Into Darkness
ArtistThe Alchemist
Release DateMar 10, 2023


WritersHit-Boy, The Alchemist
ProducersThe Alchemist
Record LabelThe Alchemist

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