RZA – DJ Drama Lyrics

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Smoked ’em like a Lucy (Lucy), money think like Aruci (Aruci)
Servin’ that raw sushi, get it off the ‘Gram like Boosie (Boosie)
Sicker than your average (Average), brick up in the attic (Attic)
Selektah with the Statik, no whiskey with the mammal (Woo)
My opps need nine lives, this shit dizzy in a high-rise
Self-made, no allies, wave guard where time flies (Wave)
Sticky in the drop, uh, milli’ with the chop (Skrrt)
Million dollar game, feel like Gillie with the pop
‘Rari, four-hundred horses (Horses), drippin’ like a broken faucet (Faucet)
Black spider Porsches, I’m doin’ a lot on crosses (Asalam Alaykum)
I need mines in dollars (Dollars), keep your blogs and flowers (Flowers)
Jackin’ styles ’til they owe me, YK Osiris (Ah)
But I’ll be (I’ll be), I follow OG’s, not the IG (Haan, ayy)
Fresh up out the lobby (Ayy, ayy), I follow OG’s, not the IG (Haan)
Still throwin’ parties when an opp die
Got a bad bitch from the Southside
Montana smokin’ on your Rushmore (The Butcher comin’, nigga)
Coke Boys knockin’ at your front door (Yo)

They wonder how I got this hot and I’m still hungry
‘Cause that few million a nigga done touched, they know real money
I was spendin’ saks on clothes, figure I’d attract some hoes
Front row, white fashion shoes, never was my fashion goal
S550 coupe, pitch black, tint black, my bitch black
Face on the Rollie, even this black
Big gun, we don’t need no mishaps, corner boy
Fuck you talkin’ old money for when I spent that?
Racks on a jet, I’m landin’ somewhere in Vegas
Just to curb my enthusiasm, like Larry David (Hahaha)
I’m ten times better, but I’m not near as famous
‘Cause paparazzi don’t take pictures at wear I’m hangin’
Hmm, and if she broke, I can’t stand the bitch
I won a couple championships, now I’m in a more fancy shit
I’m hands-on when I’m stampin’ bricks
I really flew Southwest, my plug got a mansion with a landing strip
Hit this shit and start to think “Is it really me?”
That me and Ranch served the whole scene in that Infinity
Get with us, then tell me, do I give off the energy?
Ex-drug dealer, rapper, I’m the epitome, it’s Butch

Track Information

Song titleRZA
ArtistDJ Drama
Release DateJan 8, 2023


WritersDJ Drama
ProducersDJ Drama
Record LabelDJ Drama

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