Rib Roast – Arby’s & Pusha T Lyrics

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“Rib Roast”


They call me when it’s time to do damage

When the quality ain’t up to my standards

That McRib falls below average

Replaced by the Country Style Arby’s Rib Sandwich (Woo)

Straight out the smokehouse, Texas’s my old route

Eight hours to slow cook, keep push for the rollout

The boss with the Smoky Q sauce

The Real Country Style McRib kept lost, yeugh

This doesn’t compare to

That replica Rib patty

I’m screaming, “How dare you?”

You know that I’m war ready

Arby’s taking taste to the next level

Arby’s is the choice when you won’t sеttle

McDonald’s, what you selling, mystery mеat?

Hop up and go away, what does history teach?

Mickey D’s, McRib, you ain’t it in the streets

The Real Country Style Rib Sandwich here to compete

Look, straight out the smokehouse

Country Style Arby’s Rib Sandwich, what you know about?

We coming straight out the smokehouse

McRib, you just look like a clown


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Track Information

Song titleRib Roast
ArtistArby’s & Pusha T
Release DateSeptember 27, 2022


WritersArby’s & Pusha T

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