Pushin for Love – 2g.Kaash Lyrics

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“Pushin for Love” 

I wash my feet.

You say you was that when I was born in his life I notice

not one was fair know,

it may not change.

You lose your brain about my parallel.

I’m fighting catches it on fighting over what we

in the streets away,




If I made a way I lie,

keep it a honey hole.

Nobody don’t cross me.

Caught in the crossfire my brother left.

Lemurs monkeys.


I wash my freedom tanning gel with some thugs.

You late on her fridge,

rental site,

turn 17,

say I step on ladies the bone crates.

Dams are the creepiest policing inmates.

And I ever turn ecstasy though,

they may face.


I got to drop on my eyes.

Blaine oh crap.

I ain’t trying to see if they should have terrified by the


people’s down the bells.

A foot a better time.

You could.

Let me put these I

got blood in my eyes.

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Track Information

Song titlePushin for Love
Release DateDec 14, 2022


Writers2G Kaash
Record Label2G Kaash

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