Plain Sight-Lloyd Banks, Vado Lyrics

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“Plain Sight”

But that’s what point and by 1.5

in there


Hey y’all,

this fool is like the Tule,

spread ringing like a newlywed.

See me with the goofy hair stick this here,

we dredge got him.

Surely fed yeas on should be read Louis,

spread white bitches,

quick together smoothly.


get him,

hot pipe chick resemble Cross by spit over 70

bar hurts.

Like a dogfight drop a penny goes La feet

called Pike.

Hit a wolf.

All right?

Vented or dark night?

I ain’t falling to play.

I can get you gone today.

Snatch a kid from your baby malls making JonBenet me.

Angie why we like old Morning Jay,

when I call a players from the higher ups,

Sean mcvane,

get your girl ramp.

Put it on world cam,

understand cop,

and go rock and roll Pearl.

Jam credit cards,

check for alma,

mater scam 9th or say it no more Birdman.

Life is crazy for me.

You can make a movie out of,

usually Dow declining.

Got my pockets full of Julie,

try through these salads.

Nigga one,

my Spidey gotta shoot me out at dooky product,

season treated Benny,

like old decal,

with Rory lamb.

Fuck the bitches birdies on your body.

Can’t block me,

blame somebody on the side of the room.

We playing I’ll be damn leeches back on me.

Paparazzi Jam ship,

show the Rocky and crypto demise.

Eat a very high-end,

very you can’t kill was dead or redhead was Heavy.

Most at all.

Numbers on your neck.

I’m pretty heavy 180 ML numbers on the separate.


You stuck in a mess already the fucking A desperate.

Tell me.

Hold my shit is out this world.

Who know when I hit the scene,

this is my nigga King.

You know what I did for Queens.


So don’t live in dreams toodles.

When I get to lean,

shut up,

you didn’t eat it.

Hot cooler for.

I am too young,

just like for Catch Us in the long run.


See you want to happens back to stack and when the fall comes someone

kicks it no one’s different blocks,

same stories,

don’t be ghettos,

will be all funny lurking for you to take in

life to make it all and he wants to make it right

the Hitman stays the same and you remain a tight Italian,

envy and Jones site.

I used to know my gel ID like ABC.


act can get passion ADT Home.

Invasion crew blazing ACP sock over.


seiji’s on ATVs.

You had a A young Shooters,

like the ACC that cop the AP before they own

apt a down from the 8283,

see stage equipment?

Bring different.




All right,


ATT be mad forever used to ask the rap

forever black.

Another get snatched kidnapped for chatter your are cut off,

send it back attached with letter,

wrap the level,

this one New York,

sound like you sound like,

like who don’t even sound right case late going,

what we gonna do now?


I’m now like,

Frank White fixing my crown,


Obviously for Catch Us in the long run fuck it.

I see a want to happens back to stacking when the fall comes.

Someone kicks into different blocks.

Same stories,

don’t be ghettos.

Will be home from be lurking for you to take in

light of some.

Don’t make it on and he wants to make it right.

The Hitman stays the same and you remain a tight Italian

Envy in plain sight.

Track Information

Song titlePlain Sight
ArtistLloyd Banks, Vado
Release DateNov 4, 2022


Record LabelVado

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