Park Bench Blues-Smoke DZA Lyrics

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“Park Bench Blue”

Nice bike lane Wesley Snipes on the bench.


Swagger with thanks Spike.

Lee was sitting right next to me on that park bench.

When I wrote this rhyming movie script but it’s all truth.

This is a recount of real event.

I resent the way to make cocaine for me,

I singing today Billy and terje feeling Superior


there’s nothing inferior.

Andretti in a row,

Ninja Kick and us up into the eyes,

rendering your defensive brother.

All of my spaceships is ramped up,

smoking on the balcony.

At Carvel a,

the pull three of my Benz is up.

I can’t decide which one the ride called 21.

My man got.

We bring them all out at the same time and looking


peace signs.

When we slide South Beach,

Miami New Orleans,

you never seen it.

Don’t because you always inside.

I’m in the street,

like the reflectors in the white lines.

Really push

god bitch,

me and top-shelf pot.

That’s our love-story puff.

Puffing Cullen,

ins moving luxury,

every 200.

I make,

I gotta tuck.

40 have to M,

save the time.

I touch 40 holla – Auntie get the

fuck off me already dousing.

Silver Mountain,

spent enough on Creed Route coming

when the flux going to be everybody?

Got it now,

but when this up,

you’ll see I got a license for

these dopes elves.


catching packages like O’Dell.


you know,

I gotta feed my folks well when it’s already going

to speak mommy and folktales,


Believe legend in the game like Willie Legend

in my Lane tight chili,

I really hold on.

Let me I sold these niggas happen and they happen like it’s

really life goes.

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Track Information

Song titlePark Bench Blue
ArtistSmoke DZA
Release DateDec 16, 2022


WritersSmoke DZA
Record LabelDZAVision

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