One Up – Fredo Bang, TG Kommas Lyrics

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“One Up”

Givenchy show

clips and the shit Rose who got

the street distinction I get in here

draco’s and everything’s hit most of the Knicks.

Be talking to never sponsored a.

I get it in three acts,

my kid is in my blood and I least I keep at a different photo.


how about take a bite out of a bitch?

I call it monkey pen,

get away and traffic,

put them on your ball,

but I won’t blame.

But I’m not really with the drama.

I put them on a news.

I’m just trying to help his coma and I wanna why


you know,

I keep a gonna okay.



Turner guys at,

all right.


I did one of you bitches try to run trying

to hit a pussy bitch of in his anger.

This go for anybody I’m coming my anybody like

before you fuck with me you better go get em buddy I got

one event in China.

Trying to hit a pussy nigga and Thank God.

They glorified him bad?

I won’t smoke within a bad bitch before you play with me and

they do catch a bad,

you better.

Go catch the bad news.

You better come meet your death.

If you compare with that,

she knows to a side opening a nervous Nelly.

Never seen that man needs.

No spin up on a Saturday.

Mama crying.

He never spit up on a block,

a mom,

I miss her baby,

let the switch out.

There’s too many shots.

He’s got that him a zit on my phone to Sean the Takara.

It’s hard to say which is murder in the GPS.

I’ll call you on the take.

Taking it.

We can take fall down that is his chassis car.

We should form out the Wonder.

Bitch we happen out the car going

on trying

to hit a pussy.

Bitch up in his blanket.

This go for anybody.

I’m talking my anybody like before you fuck with me.

You better go.

Get them buddy.

I got one advantage.

I’m trying to hit a pussy nigga and this thing

called Big like Phantom bad won’t smoke.

In a bad Beast before you play with me,

you better go catch a bad,

you better go catch a bad Anu.

Track Information

Song titleOne Up
ArtistFredo Bang, TG Kommas
Release DateOctober 13, 2022


WritersFredo Bang, TG Kommas, Duhvinci, Clipzy Beats & Uno Reyes
ProducersDuhvinci, Clipzy Beats & Uno Reyes

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