Manna From Heaven-Rasheed Chappell  Lyrics

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“Manna From Heaven”

From where the shells pop telephone.

Why is living with Shelter?

From the cast,

a memorial site in the else Park?

Smoke blown treated like kings.

When niggas come home.

Never help me son in his hand or use a cell phone

liquor stores.


Don’t faint squeaking on Finn No,

he’s missing out at a mouth smell,

like the day before.

Faison wore army fatigue,

you know,

the uniform heat up right in a jeans,

my niggas.

Keep it all dice game.

See niggas raw beat up with bike chains.

Metal scrapping,

stealing copper snatching bike,

frames hood shit.

Daily revolved around this whole shit Corners.

Like a checkout line.

Who got the good shit.

Pray rub,

not in the stack.

That’s all I give me.

Poppy seed,

Manna From Heaven.

We got mouths to feed.

Open cases,

suspended license till a nigga.

Chase it revolvers generous,

you keep the cases,

it’s just the basics.

The pine box old I am bracelet,

I am bracelet bylaws Grace.

I skate to still respected Silent Partner because I’m

still invested still connected and never eat all face,


My reflection.

You were discretion for this televised.

They want in life,

so I gave him mine.

Track Information

Song titleManna From Heaven
ArtistRasheed Chappell
Release DateNov 4, 2022

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