Malfeitor – Watain Lyrics

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By the blessing of shunned Gods
The cord of life was deformed, twisted into a noose
To strangle the miscarriage of the I
Upon which he shall feast
That was spawned by the semen of horrors fertile
As his many limbs extend across the abyss
Thirteen horns and million tusks in a thousand jaws that breathe
Only to chew the chains that tie him to Assiah, and titan is their strength

Metamorphosphorous malformation
Yours is the call I follow
Astride the wings of Death
To the crossroads!

Malfeitor, the master and servant in unity
At one with the abyss when in your possession I am
Against the blindness of men thine eyes have been granted immunity
So that my sight be clear when wielding the sword of the damned

For I am begotten of the virgin whore
As truth and torment, priest and warrior
Now behold as I pervert and destroy their law
As the image of my phallus moists the labia of Shekinah
For dark are the desires that dwell within my heart
And the Devil is in my kiss…
Yes he is…

In your possession I am
Twilight god of transformation
At the crossroads we meet again

I’ll pace the path of madness with your banner held high
To the deaths head true
Yes, I am of my father, the Devil
And the lusts of my father I will do

Track Information

Song titleMalfeitor
Release Datemay 07, 2015


WritersPelle Forsberg
ProducersTore Stjerna, Watain
Record LabelSwedish Black Metal band

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