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[verse 1: skepta]

big smoke, yeah

i got an ice box where my heart used to be

different kind of n+gga, they aren’t used to me

everyday we celebrate like friday

truckload ready to hit the highway

with the bl++dy steps, you couldn’t believe the kicks

billboard n+gga, just posted on the strip

millis coming in my account, i can’t sleep

your girl tryna see if there is any sp+ce in the jeep


it’s just to push you till+ push them all to the other end

it’s people who’re gonna go and punch your card [?]

punch it that night and go on with friday to get a little money

which is just enough to take them back again on monday

it’s that circle that you have to break

[verse 2: novelist]

uh, hey ran a n+gga, [?] my ends bigger than a program

rapping till the max every city that i’m at

got a flag and you n+ggas know that

they show the due respect cause i owe that

said i’m handsome, i already know that

big novelist the real n+gga throw back

said, “the one who?” they must’ve smoke crack

man of art but never catch me in a tote bag

[verse 3: a$ap rocky, ]

for other days

i look snake in the eyes

before i roll the dice

i look snake in the eyes

what’s your price?

time, time, tell it, i’ll tell it all

if you let me

blind, my i love you

when i was lost

you loved me

i couldn’t tell if i was gone

your family

now here i am all alone

who loves me?

Track Information

ArtistDean Blunt
Release DateNov 20, 2022


WritersDean Blunt
ProducersDean Blunt
Record LabelDean Blunt Topic

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