Letter To Takeoff-Gucci Mane Lyrics

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“Letter To Takeoff”


(Letter to Take’)

(Huh? Go)


Just left another funeral, I shed a tear (Damn)

I’m still in disbelief, I can’t believe it’s real

I think about the memories, it give me chills

I’m wonderin’ why they left the fake and took the real (Real)

Like, how the fuck we gon’ lose Takeoff? Damn, he didn’t deserve it

We don’t supposed to question God, but, damn, Takeoff was perfect (God)

I go from sad to mad, I’vе been through every stage of griеf

We need some time to heal, but my job got no work relief (Nah)

See, we lost Shawty Lo, just months ago, lost PnB (Damn)

This world so crazy, you can’t even take your chick to eat (Wow)

They way they killed that young boy X, it had me losin’ sleep (X)

This shit hit close to home, it’s really a sad sight to see (Sad)

They killed my nigga ’bout some candy, his folks blamin’ me

Say all my artists go to jail and now they shamin’ me (What the fuck?)

But I take it sober, like a soldier, I don’t need a bean (Nah)

And I told Quavo to use my shoulder if he need to lean

I tried to drown the pain away by drinkin’ pints of lean (Lean)

Until I woke up in a hospital, it wasn’t a dream

It’s hard to not think about Dolph, his son and little girl

And now I think about the life I’m ’bout bring in the world (Me)

I said “Don’t diss the dead”, they said “Guwop’s a hypocrite” (What?)

But I don’t have the right to vote, I don’t play politics (Nah)

They say I’m crazy and I just might be, a little bit (I might)

But you all voted for Herschel Walker, you idiots (Wow)

The day we met, chain left my neck, you know I can’t forget (Take’)

He spoke on Take’ with disrespect, got dropped, couldn’t cash the check (Dropped)

R.I.P. my nigga Randy, died in front of Zesto’s

I think about my mama passin’, then I pray for Metro (Mom)

I think about my nigga Dame, we trapped all off the metro (Damien)

People beepin’ in the classroom, got to serve a zippo (True)

Ventin’ ’bout my nigga Take on a Zay instrumental (Ziggy)

You know I’ll keep your name alive, you had so much potential (Take’)

They sent you out in first class, the State Farm Arena

You had dope boys minglin’ with rappers and singers

We lost my friend, we lost my dawg, I lost my little brother

The last words you ever told me was “Guwop, I love you” (Damn)


Long live The Rocket

We love you, Takeoff

We miss you already

We never gon’ forget you

My condolences to Mama Takeoff

Qua’, Mama Huncho, Coach, the whole QC, Migo family

Let’s start givin’ our loved ones they flowers while they here

Because it’s crazy out here

One day you’re here, the next day you could be gone and it’s sad

Takeoff, you will forever be in my heart

It’s been over ten years since I met you at my studio

I knew immediately you would be a star

You left behind some amazin’ memories that will last forever

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you

We talk about you still and you will never be forgotten

Love, Gucci


Track Information

Song titleLetter To Takeoff
ArtistGucci Mane
Release DateNovember 15, 2022


WritersGucci Mane & Zaytoven
Record Label1017 Eskimo & Atlantic Records

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