Lennon (Freestyle) – Pa Salieu Lyrics

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“Lennon (Freestyle)”

You say it’s love, but you still shootin’

They say they love me but do me like Lennon
‘Member John got baptised pon a Volkswagen
Defend myself in ways that I can never mention
Brodi saved his skin and now he’s in detention
He was twenty-one, now twenty-six, still patient
Streamin’ free my codie till the day they free him
Submarine lock deep ina di belly
I got one thought deep ina dis heady

Oh, how I long for yesterday like Paul McCartney
Like I’m Ringo Starr, I beat it with a sticky
Let it be any kinda rain, we won’t be drownin’
Still ridin’ any kinda speed, will not catch up to king
I gave peace a chance, they always try divide us
Here comes the sun, we lost a few at sundown
I miss yesterday, that’s why we came together
Held each other, ate from one plate
We all defeat the hunger

And we with it, bitch, we ride out
Got my killy locked up till he gone, we call this lifer
The Ends full of witches, cobras, they want my light out
Want my life out
But can’t hack it if I blacked out
When I had nothing, I threw myself deep in the ocean
When my nanny died, mummy depressed, I felt so hopeless
I disappeared
OT cakin’ it, lookin’ all homeless
Struggles what they gave her, I knew one day she’d be shinin’

Hella pain, I feel so painless
I ain’t felt pain when they caught me with a less
I ain’t felt pain when they shot me with a careless
I find it hard to weep because my mind cannot believe yet
I miss my bro, AP, what they sayin’, I can’t believe it
When dem pussy killed Emmanuel, I felt like there’s a curse on me
When I’m reminiscin’, I find it hard to see straight
My heart’s been pure, my killy, I don’t need no clean slate
(I don’t need no clean slate)

When I felt broken, I ain’t broke
When evil try headlock me, I ain’t choke
When I hit the jungle, I said I’m no criminal
Fuck the law, they could never make me feel I am
(I say, when I hit the jungle, I said I’m no criminal)
(Fuck the law, they could never make me feel I am)

Track Information

Song titleLennon
ArtistPa Salieu
Release DateAugust 4, 2022


WritersAoD, Felix Joseph & Pa Salieu
ProducersAoD & Felix Joseph
Record LabelPa Salieu

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