I Ain’t Gon Hold Ya – DJ Drama & Jeezy Lyrics 

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I Ain’t gon hold ya – Dj Drama & Jeezy lyrics. The song is written by DJ Drama, Jeezy, Helluva Beats, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. The song is out on September 2, 2022, on all streaming platforms.

I Ain’t Gon Hold Ya


Oh yeah

This what y’all been waitin’ for?

Snowman, we back at it (Yeah)

We talkin’ Quality Street Music (I ain’t gon’ hold you)

We the originators (Let’s go)

DJ Drama (Helluva made the beat, baby)

[Verse: Jeezy]

I ain’t gon’ hold you, feel like I got the world on my shoulders

Remind me of weighin’ up them boulders

Catch me in an all white Benz, chillin’ at the red light

Top down and that motherfucker gorgeous

What about that Royal Oak AP with the black face

Yeah, that motherfucker blacker than some Folgers

You rollin’ with a real one, all them bitches really love me out hеre

Like they lovе Soulja Slim in the NOLA

I ain’t gon’ hold you

Yeah, your boy a lil’ bipolar, half general, half soldier

Yeah, I got a hand full of hair while I hit it from the back

While a real nigga blowin’ on some doja (Let’s go)

Then I’m gon’ fold her

When I get down, I’m a mold her

Same time keepin’ my composure

If she keep makin’ them faces, keep talkin’ to me right

In the mornin’ I’ma roll her back over

Playtime’s over

Came to give you motherfuckers closure

Real niggas only, no posers

If you really got it out the mud like the Rollie on your wrist (Gangsta, Gangsta, Gangsta)

Knock that motherfuckin’ dirt up off your shoulders

I ain’t gon’ hold ya

Nigga really got it with the soda (Yeah)

Really hit them niggas in the motor

Yeah, a nigga really made them deals on the first and the third ’cause a nigga really tryna hit his quota

What you know about that odor?

Yeah, a nigga came from the corner, now I’m legal like Tommy Mottola (Get ’em Snow)

Yeah, I really came through the hood in that all white Lamb and the first one to do it like Soulja

I ain’t gon’ hold you

Nigga came through in all black, motherfuckers thought I played for the Raiders

Talkin’ to a street nigga, yeah, I turned real estate mogul, ain’t no tellin’ what I paid for them acres (That’s facts)

All about that paper

Never been no hater in my nature

Don’t make me Louis V suitcase you

Make a nigga cry, got so much money in the safe

You gon’ think a motherfucker went and maced you

Can’t let ’em break you (Yeah)

No, no, you can’t let ’em break you

No, you can’t let these motherfuckers snake you

Nigga, when this rap shit done get that Magic Johnson money like that nigga when he done with the lakers (Gangsta, Gangsta, Gangsta)

I ain’t gon’ hold you

Everything I did, I done told you

Everything I said, I done showed you

Did this one for my day one niggas, say what you say, can’t say a nigga ain’t growed you

Name a nigga colder?

Matter fact name a nigga bolder?

Matter fact let me name a nigga for you

Talking ’bout the B-I-G to the S-N-O

But you already know, I done told you

I ain’t gon’ hold you (Gangsta Grillz)

[Outro: DJ Drama]

I ain’t gon’ hold y’all

We the greatest to ever do it

Big Snow (Big Snow)

DJ Drama

And like that we gone (Helluva made the beat, baby)

Track Information

Song titleI Ain’t Gone Hold Ya
ArtistDJ Drama & Jeezy
Release DateSeptember 2, 2022.


WritersDJ Drama, Jeezy, Helluva Beats, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis
Record LabelMNRK Music Group

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