Gotta Move On Remix – Fabolous lyrics

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“Gotta Move On Remix”

we have the grade.

No one,

I guess.

Your bag,

my bag back in my fab.

Had to grab a white jacket and get back in the lab.

I thought you had my back to my back’s getting stabbed.

Now I’m back in the back and you’re back in the cab.

Gotta move a little different ups and downs.

But you can’t tell the difference when too far.

Gotta love from.


That’s crazy.

I really was.

If I with you,

you’re gonna feel that ship.

If I don’t fuss with you,

you’re gonna feel that ship to stay in your bag,

not your feelings.

And now I’m on that.

Didi bryson Tiller Mercedes newborn baby.


putting that sh it on like a with them bucks.

Like I think I’m running back.

It’s crazy.


I got some ship to move.

I don’t want my groove back.

I want to switch my groove improving ship.

But I ain’t got to prove like a chill.

De leon shot has been smooth.

May all your pain be champagne.

He didn’t go the way you plan,

But plans change.

I don’t want your love.

I thought I was feeling you,

but you’re a munch my love.

No one.

I gotta move.

I’m against.

I gotta move

brand new Mercedes.

A newborn baby.


Why do you wanna go and test me baby

Track Information

Song titleGotta Move On Remix
Release DateOct 8, 2022

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