God Bless The 6-Icewear Vezzo Lyrics

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“God Bless The 6”

[Intro: Icewear Vezzo & DJ Drama]


Let’s paint the city

(Cashout, what it do, fufu?)

Thank God for everything, please protect us

Ain’t no place like the D


You niggas not safe there

(Iced Up Records, Gangsta Grizills)

[Chorus: Icewear Vezzo]

Left wrist icy as shit, I be poppin’ my shit

Keep blicks, I be ’round the 6

Dancin’, Audemars Piguet be flashin’

Clear VVS stones shine bright than a bitch

Glock 19, poured, got a pop full of lean

Big chop, we ain’t fightin’ for shit

Hundred right in the clip

Spend dog shit every vibe

T’d up, keep pipe in the Bent’

[Verse 1: Babyface Ray]

Two hoes stuffed in the back, keep quotin’ my raps

To tеll ’em let ’em fight for thе dick (Yeah)

Little nigga keep sendin’ shots, told him stop with the cap

Hit his ho ’cause she tight on the rent

It’s a movie, look at the life that I live

Sparklers on Sprites, took a pint off in LIV

She suckin’ and slobbin’, she might need a bib

Penthouse for thotties, gave wifey the crib

[Verse 2: Icewear Vezzo]

Got more pape’ than them niggas

Niggas fucked up, they finished, we ain’t savin’ no niggas

Rich nigga, everything bust

Quarter M on a Richard, hit Hutch, two-eighty on Cubans

Dog go stupid

Spend dog shit at Phipps, plain rose, go crazy on niggas

I ain’t cuffin’ no ho, I done hit every bad bitch walkin’

On gang, I’m just waitin’ on Nicki

[Verse 3: Babyface Ray]

Walk through the line with no ticket, that’s me (Yeah)

Just gave some money to baby like Pee (Yeah)

That bitch ain’t mine if her purse ain’t two C (Yeah)

Shoot for the mind like my name was Ooh-wee

Hold on, stop the beat, let me show some love

Band up for life like my nigga Poody

Ballin’ on niggas like my number two-three (Ballin’)

Forever got choices, ‘Cat came with two keys, nigga

[Verse 4: Icewear Vezzo]

Go’n ‘head and fuck for the gang

Turned an icy bitch out, gon’ fuck for a chain

Lit nigga pull up in Rolls on Forgis

Got shooters on shooters, we was cuttin’ up ‘caine

Talkin’ ’bout juggs you ain’t hit

Lil’ pussy-ass nigga, we’ll pull up with Glocks and switches

Forty in the chop, blow a kiss

Made it then turned the hood up, that’s why the opps so pissed

Dog Shit Records, a hundred, can’t call that flexin’

Five million and all that’s extras

Fifty ‘bows of pressure, reckless, huh

Yeah, we the type of niggas that’ll rob the steppers

[Verse 5: Babyface Ray]

I don’t know Will Smith, but I am a legend

Perc’ after Perc’ like this shit is Excedrin

Double-R truck, boy, you livin’ too reckless

Feelin’ like Ye, change my name to Hugh Hefner

Changin’ my number, don’t want you no more

I can’t love on no ho, that ain’t how that shit go (Naw)

Walked in the mall, I had bags on bags

It’s crazy, I thought I couldn’t struggle no more

Hate that I’m lit, love when I’m broke

Fuckin’ three friends, my ducks in a row (Ooh)

Playin’ snake games, I’m cuttin’ your throat

I make free bands as I’m cuttin’ the dope

[Chorus: Icewear Vezzo & Babyface Ray]

Left wrist icy as shit, I be poppin’ my shit

Keep blicks, I be ’round the 6

Dancin’, Audemars Piguet be flashin’

Clear VVS stones shine bright than a bitch

Rolex, one too many

Car stay tinted

Boy, I’m a young rich nigga

I don’t give a fuck, I’ll spend it

Yeah, he’s always timid

Rockin’ Saint Mike ’cause I’m sinnin’

Coupe is on Fendi

F’s, look at me winnin’

Family been treatin’ me different

[Outro: DJ Drama]

Thanksgiving coming up

Time to feed the streets

(Gangsta Grizills)

Track Information

Song titleIcewear Vezzo
ArtistGod Bless The 6
Release DateOctober 20, 2022


WritersIcewear Vezzo, Babyface Ray, DJ Drama & Cashout Beats
ProducersCashout Beats
Record LabelQuality Control

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