Ghetto Gospel 3-Sauce Walka Lyrics

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“Ghetto Gospel 3”

Ooo wee Splash

I’m just trying to raise the consciousness

Ooo wee

Lottery ticket in her hands she trying to hit that Powerball

Her father in the feds he been gone for twenty falls

It’s brazy one decision will make you break twenty laws

The daughter found the lawyer appeal he wants ninety thousand (Wow)

Running in the house it ain’t these ducking these cars

Boy selling fentanyl when he could’ve stuck with the pounds

It’s a marathon, nigga not a race

But trappers forget until it’s a life sentence in they face

Take your forty years with grace

Don’t cooperate just face the actions of your fate

Unless you beat your case just be a made man and stay Remember swimming by the lakes and riding four wheelers

Who ever thought those kids would be king-pins and cold killers

Alicia son died at twelve still feel his soul with us

Instead of AAU she bought lip injections and nose fillers

She outside chasing the life never at home with him

Her sister ain’t an incredible mother how is they so different

Draymond Green at the pool I’m about to hoe niggas

Your big homie telling the news and he a blow sniffer

How you looking up to pussy cat with four whiskers

Every day you breathe it’s a bad day bring him four snickers

Bitch she walking with no pickles

She done bought a brand new coupe for sucking popsicles

When you hear the car whistle

Switches on these Glocks turn these forty cals to live missiles

Diamonds in this watch don’t mean shit if I lose time with you When you fly high from the flock keep that iron with you

It ain’t no slipping and no falling

Everybody want to foul a player when he balling

Maybach looking like Khabib when he crawling

Where was all your numbers when ya’ll needed and now ya’ll calling

Time to smoke this Zion headed to New Orleans

Could’ve put the zion but my pimping flawless

Have you seen a millionaire become an alcoholic

Move back to public housing

They was mad when he was on but now he broke his people smiling

Ain’t it sick people rather see you broke then be around it

Instead of motivate yo ass to get up and go be outstanding

Chris started a trucking business that his auntie be the accounting

Started making so much money he tried to go and buy a mountain

But one day he found something was missing and then he found it

Auntie done backdoored him and hit

For nine hundred thousand

Now his soul his crying

Why we always getting butchered by own kind

Try to support black businesses and get hit with black crime

Somebody gotta draw the black line

We out here wrassling for a belt to save mankind

Yeah I love a badass bitch and all her tan lines

Before I let a ho wife me

I’ll walk in sand mines hopping off in landmines

Pan frying

Police shot an innonce throwing hands sign

Crucify Kanye on the news to keep the fans blind

Joe Biden can’t tie his shoes but supposed trying to lead mine

She dedicated her life to some fools that kept her sunshine

Left her on the darkside

Her soul crying feel her tears

How long we raised to hate each other

Too many years

We glorify dope sellers not engineers

Or the working man a target to nowaday by his peers

Maybach switching gears in Miami on the pier

Have them Haitian in your bush for acting touch on the beers

Have you ever slapped a driver of a car before he steer

All through the windows trying to knock off his ear

Or did you live fear

Granny doing a yard sale price of souvenirs

Still behind on rent she ask for help nobody hear her

How she left alone when she done raised so many kids

This Sauce Ghetto Gospel this exactly how it is

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Track Information

Song titleGhetto Gospel 3
ArtistSauce Walka
Release DateDecember 12, 2022


WritersSauce Walka
Record LabelSauceDatTV

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