Gangstarr (EASTMIX)-Dave East Lyrics

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“Gangstarr (EASTMIX)”

one of them all this,

that they gotta feel that project niggas put on Cavalli Here,

everybody’s dead.

The handsome nigga with naughty.


I got it here.

I grew up in their life,

is not a tear or brown when I get found.

Betty and chocolate is,

don’t quit your day job.

It was just me and take my mom.

Looking for a mommy,

that’s off.

Make sure I stay home.

Looking for a job.

Google comparisons,

I’m the star,

my game,

the Cuban gotta open.

I told I told them,

I change book bag ounce of cocaine on the train.

Walk through the rain,

Niggas be quiet and do.

I told him talk through the pain?

Y’all know that feeling this feeling,

this kind of strange thing niggas,

get emotional feelings to start to change.

Ever since the day I lost,

William fucked up my brain,

I just lost my grandmother.


nothing to feel the same but my aunt

Track Information

Song titleGangstarr (EASTMIX)
ArtistDave East
Release DateDec 3, 2022


WritersDave East
Record LabelDave East

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