FREE RIO – Trippie Redd Lyrics

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“Free Rio”

Gettin’ to the paper, that’s my passion
1400/800 Inc., we gettin’ cash, bitch
Only like fuckin’ on bitches fat asses
Call me the reaper, only smokin’ on ashes
Fuckin’ top tens, yeah, you know that I’ma bag it
Yeah, I’m fuckin’ twin sisters, bitch, you know that they the baddest
Want it all to yourself but you know that I done had it
Wanna beat that pussy raw, dead, yeah, it’s in a casket
I just bought Balenci’ now I’m walkin’ in the mansion
Boy, don’t play with me, that switchy get to spittin’ automatic
I don’t give a fuck ’bout what you said, lil’ ho
If you talk down on the gang, you gonna beg, lil’ ho
I heard shawty tryna ride, get on the pegs, lil’ ho
Born in crime, homicide, leave you dead, lil’ ho
The world through my eyes is infrared, lil’ ho
The killers in the streets goin’ fed, lil’ ho
Livin’ in a world where everybody hella street
Everybody got a heat, everybody want beef
Everybody pussy, nigga, everybody sweet
Swear to God, you don’t want no smoke with me
Yeah, it’s the big bird, bitch, I got issues
It’s the middle of the summer and my neck got a igloo
Barrel of the drum stare at you and it’ll end you
I ain’t sneeze but I’m blessed, wipe me down, I need a tissue
I’m Trippie, bitch, I’m slimed out
Iced out bitch with your girl on my dick
Iced out bitch with your girl on my tip
The opps want me but my Glock wanna kiss
Slow down, ridin’ ’round
Four deep, every chopper got a hundred rounds
If I catch a opposition, I’ma have to take ’em down
Like the special opps, bitch, catch a opp and tango down
I love money counters, bitch, I love the paper sound
Comin’ from the trenches, when I’m in ’em, safe and sound
Used to love the beef, I love gettin’ paper now
Don’t use GPS, bitch, I’m on the paper route
Comin’ from that place where it’s hard to make it out
If it’s smoke, want war, nigga, we could face it out
Got your bitch suckin’ dick and I ain’t into makin’ out
If you scared, go to church, nigga, bring the devil out
Gettin’ tired of you niggas, Michelin
Seein’ all you niggas droppin’ and nobody mention it
I just sold out twenty thousand people out in Michigan
I just made it out the hood, nigga, I ain’t missin’ it
Keep it player with these hoes, nigga, I don’t miss a bitch
And you know I’m Big Redd, nigga, just like some licorice
I just bought a Rolls-Royce, don’t that mean really rich?
Walk around with 1400 hoes on my damn dick
Everybody sick, nigga, everybody (Achoo)
Everybody sick, nigga, everybody
Everybody sick, nigga, everybody
Everybody sick, nigga, everybody
Everybody sick, nigga, everybody (Achoo)
Everybody sick, nigga, everybody
Everybody sick, nigga, everybody
Everybody sick, nigga, everybody (Bosley)

Track Information

Song titleFree Rio
ArtistTrippie Redd
Release DateJanuary 20, 2023


WritersTrippie Redd, Bosley & Rott
ProducersIgor Mamet, Bosley, Rott, Bacon and Popcorn & HNRZHUNTER
Record Label1400 Entertainment & 10K Projects

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