Forest Dweller – Enslaved Lyrics

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“Forest Dweller” is a captivating song that transports listeners to the enchanting world of a mysterious creature living deep within the woods. Here are the lyrics:

Forest Dweller

In the time before time, I was fighting
The desperation
The grief and the pain

The weapon of time I was yielding
So the kin wouldn’t vanish in vain

I held out my hand, befriended the slave
He gave me hospitality and trust
Blind to the ways of the flickering kind
His reward was my treacherous lust

The soldier bid me welcome, I bowed in awe
I told him the ways of my house
He beheld the son of sense and lust
In the morning the awareness aroused

Smugly I entered the realm of the king
As a herald of time and of space
We carved the runes, we drank and sang
To mankind, to gods and their grace

The tree set ablaze
At the end of my days

Awaiting my deserved death yell
Long forgotten, no one whispers my name
In the mountains and the forests, I’ll dwell

Track Information

Song titleForest Dweller
Release DateJanuary 26, 2023


Writers Kjetil Grutle, Ivar S Peersen
ProducersGrutle Kjellson, Ivar Bjørnson, and Iver Sandøy
Record LabelTea

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