For No Reason – Kodak Black lyrics

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For No Reason – Kodak Black lyrics. The song is written by Kodak Black & DJ Cam and produced by DJ Cam. The song is released on September 3, 2022, on all streaming platforms.

“For No Reason”


(DJ Cam gon’ show ’em how to drip)


Slidin’ with the crosses on the window, bible on the dash

Gotta keep my feet down on a nigga, or my foot off in your ass

In the Wraith on the interstate, flushes, I ain’t let up off the gas

Bitch actin’ too cool for the school, but she ain’t got no class

I turn up on a class, pill, by the way

Last night was mad real, by the way

Finally fucker her, got her, put out a dub

But she finessed me out a bag, still

Don’t cap me nothin’ with your loveful, disrespectful bitch

I’m up right and stayin’ fast (I’m deadass)

Deadass, whenever I catch ’em, I’ma stretch a check

I’m doin’ lil’ pussy nigga baths (Straight put on blast)

Everybody know who run the city, come catch him out the door

Something out the door went off the hinges

Nigga, know this how I’m livin’, relentless

Savage, bring it, I ain’t runnin’ from the static

All of my hoes in love with the Patek, own it right

Really rich, ridin’ Double R, Rolls Royce

How I made both of ’em wear it around? I don’t know

Bitch, please, you think I’m green, you a nasty lil’ ho’

Shit, I want some more, that lil’ ho know she got some good, good

Hood, I’m goin’ cuckoo for the Coco Puffs

Boss nigga, fed a genie with the cock fill

Solo with my pistol eatin’ dinner and I’m loaded up

Ain’t no nigga stop me goin’ no fuckin’ where

Yeah, if it’s a bad bitch, I’m showin’ up

I got the drop and I ain’t comin’ for nothin’

Slow down, I’m ’bout to blow this motherfucker up

Yeah, Zs in the trap, Zs in the trap, Zs in the trap

Set a trap, and a nigga city get it litty, dawg

I’ve been on the other corner too long, I’m ’bout to hit it, dawg

She fell asleep, I’m ’bout to send her a Lyft

Sorry, puddin’, but you know you gotta dip

City boys up, I’m fuckin’, that’s my city girl

Got no respect, I been this way since a jitty boy

Keep steppin’, nigga, give ’em to me

Had me shootin’ at them niggas, ’cause I ain’t wanna take a picture with them

Hell nah, I’m finna bill men

He fuckin’ everything, oh, you know he a gremlin

Fucked her and finger lickin’ on the couch

Tell Poochie, tell E-Class to shut this motherfucker down


Stepped in drippin’, fiendin’ for no reason

Step in drippin’, fiendin’ for no reason

Ayy, stepped in drippin’, fiendin’ for no reason

Step me, dripped in, fiendin’ for no reason

Stepped in drippin’, fiendin’ for no reason

Step in drippin’, fiendin’ for no reason

Track Information

Song titleFor No Reason
ArtistKodak Black
Release DateSeptember 3, 2022


WritersKodak Black & DJ Cam
ProducersDJ Cam

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