Fam without blood-Skiifall Lyrics

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“Fam without blood”

I’ll post them on.

Please don’t be rude for no money.

No one things might get real sticky.

Keep your big one.

Talk to yourself.

I trouble you might get blows on silly fun with her.

Blow me real goddamn from Young and 50 lose one go buck

like Billy.

Did you raise dust niggas my Road in a pump has on me or does

than timid pivot to Asia by saying niggas and top-notch from.

I’m surprised called wicked 1905,

search for them on dementia.

Charge how fun for and I pity you niggas.

Welcome G checked.

One of them,

wanting my just tripping.

You niggas mommy never resolved,

no Killers.

Don’t Let It Go Beyond its hasti Jewelers wake up early youngnam,

wake up calling my name.

Money used to the picking off these,

my cue was the Regeneration.

He’s hosted among them giving my flaws.

Before my time off piste,

Artie’s a month is losing mommy in a stage

of kids out final piece.

Why not my head?

What and a young Lambs head?

We just want to make that bread for time because I know that shit

instead school being alone to beg more times Nichols

was vest on my great success which was really dumb,

but I wish it was fastest as I wish it was us instead,

is that for your own success?


blessed off your Wizkid,


For my Gianna lock,


and look after you lock on my mind a lot coming money.



we’re hopefully youngnam wake up calling my name.

There’s a street,

like a hunter,

more rolling,

a phantom.

We’re hopefully gonna wake up early Monday.

Is my cue was to bring generation.


Track Information

Song titleFam without blood
Release DateDec 10, 2022


Record LabelSkiifall

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