Fallen Soldiers-Stetsasonic Lyrics

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“Fallen Soldiers”

Fallen Soldiers.


Can’t believe when I heard Coolio has Cowboy


five Furious lovers and hurt me.

When they told me that Markie Dee was take off.

And my brother,

Sean he is can’t go gone.

Miss Melody,

can’t wrap my head around,

the fact that Biz Markie ripped,

my heart apart to know this God.

Lorac Jimmy’s fights are super Rhymes Captain

Rock years ago,

I found out MC trouble Heavy D,

the overweight lover for some These

My Brothers From the Block Merc TC,

Jesse trisko dr.


who would have thought?

I’d be saying.

MC Breed five,

don’t go be with you.

Two been shy,

need Dada Rock from the Fantastic Five,

I’m alive.

But I feel like my tribe.

Fallen Soldiers.

Fallen Soldiers.

Trouble tiro en begun in their Prime there.

Tupac Biggie and be held to a crime there.

DJ doc,

nice vacation.

Don’t you think that it’s enough even Guru too

poetic table remember standing next?

To me.

It also broke my heart about Houdini’s,


Black Rob,

I don’t believe he’s DMX hard

to believe.

He’s ODP.

Please don’t tease bring it back to life.

What we want.

Easy Jam Master,

Jay AJ,

it was hard to hear,

Greg Mac.

He put the flavor in my ear.

The man ate dog coming.

From the West Side.

Yak cheese who brought that Humpty,

Hump right in the world’s most educated rapper

MDI mr.

Magics rap attack and what it meant to me.

Fallen Soldiers.

Fallen Soldiers.


Your lights,


So they can see as we roll call this hip-hop

and memory.

You know what?

Miss like this can get a Hello long.

It’s on mentioned,

not forgotten.

So sing along.

We going Mobb Deep for the god Prodigy.

Ijz lawmakers all want to move up.


sleigh and is DJ Legacy.

Easy rocket takes to slam the industry.

Surprise waterfalls.

But many eyes we lost Alia and of course Lisa

left them young Lord to pass on unnaturally

like young,

Duff King Pawn and the PM like too many

pop smoke died.

Tragically like this.

The hustle who showed off what we can be before

you sip.

That goal as memory Gone Too Soon.

Fallen Soldiers,

making history.

Track Information

Song titleFallen Soldiers
Release DateNovember 21, 2022


WritersBobby Simmons, MC Delite, Daddy-O & Wise (Stetsasonic)
Record LabelChannel ZERO

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