Evil – Mercyful Fate Lyrics

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I was born on the cemetery
Under the sign of the moon
Raised from my grave by the dead
And I was made a mercenary
Oh in the legions of Hell
And now I’m king of pain, I’m insane

You know my only pleasure
Ooh is to hear you cry
I’d love to hear you cry
I’d love to feel you die
And I’ll be the first to watch your funeral
And I’ll be the last to leave
I’d love to hear you cry

And when you’re down beyond the ground
I’ll dig up your body again
And make love to shame
Oh lady, cry and say goodbye (goodbye)
Oh lady, cry and say goodbye

You’ve gotta say goodbye
‘Cause I will eat your mind

Track Information

Song titleEvil
ArtistMercyful Fate
Release DateOctober 30, 1983


WritersKim Bendix Petersen & Hank Shermann
ProducersHenrik Lund
Record LabelMegaforce Records & Roadrunner Records

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