Currently Zoolin – Kodak Black Lyrics

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“Currently Zoolin”

[Verse 1: Drake]

Don’t think twice, we’re still in formation

Testing the current, already I’m sailing, it’s all so sudden

Catching a flight, you think we’re moving too fast, I’m intoxicated

We can move in slow motion if that’s what you want, babe

[Chorus: Drake]

I don’t want to come on too strong

But I’m moving to your rhythm

With every move, with every move you make, babe

I’m tumbling

[Verse 2: Kodak Black]

Take a trip to Chile, we chillin’, no stressin’

How we get the Molly in fifty-one seconds?

Breakfast in neck so she happy I kept it

You know I been hittin’ the bear like I’m Teddy

I ain’t with all of that huffin’, and puffin’

I’,m ready to do me a nigga for nothin’

I ain’t thеm niggas, I’m a killer, bitch I’m sleepin’, don’t touch me

Don’t call me Lil Stеve ‘fore I smell like mutton

I’m young, but I ain’t no dummy

I done made a lot of money off of pretty much nothin’

Tell a bad bitch, “Let my cameraman hit for me”

I’m a savage,

I done took her overseas where it’s hard to reach

Her lil’ nigga think she sweet, but, she my lil’ freak

Tell Drake right now, nigga, drop the beat

Rich nigga havin’ dinner wearin’

[Verse 3: Drake]

In your own time, would you show me something please, babe?

Don’t wanna wait in vain, you’re the missing piece I been longing for

Don’t deny, oh no, the temperature’s rising inside

The cracks are showing, show me all your colors, I may not deserve you

[Chorus: Drake]

I don’t want to come on too strong

But I’m moving to your rhythm

[Verse 4: Kodak Black]

Can’t get it today, don’t want it tomorrow, yeah, don’t call me tomorrow

My entourage snipers and robbers, you gon’ be a memory before a problem

Kidnappin’ her, but, she let me, take her anywhere, it’s up for granted

, we scammin’, sit by the pool, she tannin’

Moan in her face, it ain’t drawn on, she gon’ stay, no socks on

She copyin’ my lingo, my slang, put no sheets over my gang

Soon as I get ahold of my chain, they never love you the same

Ain’t goin’ broke for no pussy, stick to the code, get 

I ain’t goin’ out ’bout no, I ain’t goin’ out like no

I ain’t gon’ die ’bout no pussy, too young to die, too

Kissin’ and holdin’ her tight, finally, she know she a Sniper

I think I want her for life, she rockin’ my boxers and all

She sleep with my shirt on, Louisiana her first song

She wanna stay in my Hey

Why the hell you bring your bitch to my party?

Already went diamond off Cardi, I done came up out the bag like Ari

Jumped out the window with the stick, bitch, hockey

The Perc’ don’t kick in the only time I’m gettin’ mad

Told my bitch, call Brad, all cash, all bad

October 28th, I’m on yo’ ass, and everything after that

New deal, sittin’ on thirty mill’, nigga, I don’t even have to rap

Track Information

Song titleCurrently Zoolin
ArtistKodak Black
Release DateOctober 26, 2022


WritersKodak Black
ProducersCarnage & Black Coffee

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