Body 4 Body-Foogiano Lyrics

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“Body 4 Body”

bizarre murders of murder.

We go get Eve.

Say what I would say is 5 years old.

By the football,

despite murder murder murder.

They are the scolding.

We’re gonna leave it my with dirty that we move like a turnover


like a baby.

We don’t show.




and we were living like they murder

for murder.

Isabel liberalized dangerous.

That was quite a trip Crock-Pot.

I never take a lot.

This mail on the bottom,

try to calm and get off.

I paid a lot of cops called life.

My life,

my life,

my life,

take one of my 14 year old boy,

but I thought they

had already had to do the younger head on,

do no talking about need a wheelchair,

how high the water,

on my lack of positive.

I don’t have a slide on me Slime

by myself.

All I migrated with the risk is the figure for as hot as hell

when swimming on the with my power of love them.

At the head of the day.

All the scoldings with dirt.

We move like a turnover by like a bleep guys are.

But living like things it’s a new year and I know

since I can’t forget them.

And still don’t trust trust yelled.

I’m like,


I can’t find my talking and about Iraq.

I mean,

I checked her bank account Escalade,

I heard your Lifesaver Lifesaver,

put them on the outside.

I’m Kim.

All right,

with a Miller,

what a thing,

miss a flight of a body fight murder from Earth and

they all discovered that we believe that my with dirt,

that we more like a turnover by like a beaver late.

We don’t show,

no mercy,


we put them out horses and leave my seat like Curtis

and we deliver like things everybody

fight murder for murder.

In my with dirt removal.

I turned over by like being fake with also no mercy.


we put them in hers and leaving my favorite blonde.

Like Curtis,

and we prize were living like dangerous.

Track Information

Song titleBody 4 Body
Release Date11 Nov 2022

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